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Why the media is always so negative about Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

“Can you do an article on how the media benefits from being Anti Arsenal, as opposed to any other club? Is there an anti-Arsenal secret society embedded in the media?” asked Dublin Gooner. So I will try and answer this in one article.

But please note, this is a very quick summary. […]

Are we unique in doing so well after Christmas, and why 8 goals would sort it

By Tony Attwood

Nitram posed the question: “is this imbalance between the 1st and 2nd halves of seasons unusual, or do all clubs by and large experience similar imbalances?”

It’s a good question, and one that I had never thought about before. So in this little piece I set out to discover the answer, and […]

The four reasons why are the media so very much against Arsenal

by Tony Attwood

The four reasons why the media are so much against Arsenal are, in my opinion, not at all hard to find. It runs like this…


Arsenal were mistrusted from the start by the press barons because they started out as a club owned and run by the workers, a club that […]