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Why does everyone say of Arsenal “it’s a bit of a mess” when it is anything but?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Football365 has published a really interesting review “ranking all 24 Premier League managers 2020/1” and so naturally I turned straightaway to Mikel Arteta. It’s a fascinating commentary. First off let’s see the Mr Arteta commentary from 24 March.

12 Mikel Arteta (Arsenal)

Still a long road to travel, still mistakes being […]

Perhaps Mr Arteta could instruct Arsenal players never to speak to the media at all

by Tony Attwood

Consider this simple statement, “Football is a team sport and you’re only as good as your team.” First thing to say it is obviously true. But after that?

Most normal people would see anyone saying that as either stating the obvious, or perhaps because they were being praised as a good player, […]

We brought in 7 players last season and sank to 8th. So why buy another 6??

By Sir Hardly Anyone

By and large the journalists agree, Arsenal need five or six new players this summer.

As for example with Football.London saying, “Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is understood to want to strengthen his squad with five new signings this summer.” And what they don’t want you to ask is “in what way […]