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The Andre Onana transfer story turns up something rather weird.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

The Daily Cannon’s bleak headline, “Arsenal still haven’t submitted formal bid for Andre Onana,” certainly suggests Arsenal are not taking this transfer window seriously.

And they are not alone, for that headline reflects a similar one 24 hours earlier from “Pain in the Arsenal” who wrote “Arsenal risk Andre Onana […]

Imagine living in the same house as a Daily Mirror football columnist!

By Tony Attwood

Imagine living in the home of one of the Daily Mirror’s football writers. Every morning there would be a call for breakfast. But it wouldn’t be a call saying, “breakfast is on the table”, it would be a “make or break” call telling you that you are going to have a tough […]

How to occupy yourself while waiting for the season to start: become a journalist

By Sir Hardly Anyone

With football in the summer I guess we all have a choice. First, we can forget about it – Arsenal are not playing, and there so there’s no real excitement. Play table tennis, read a book, go swimming….

Second, we can follow the internationals to make sure that our players don’t […]