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How the English media followed Trump as a way of attacking Arsenal

by Tony Attwood

Speaking generally, there are two ways to express an opinion on a football club. One is by providing lots of facts and comparing how the club is doing with other clubs. That’s the traditional method. The other is the Trump method, which is simply to assert something and then […]

Here comes insanity: Arsenal likely to lose players galore at start of season

By Tony Attwood

More details are being added to Arsenal’s summer, and the summer break looks shorter than ever before. Players involved in the Euros should be back in training by the time the season starts, but whether they will be fit and ready to play is a different matter. Worse we could lose some […]

Season starts next month with a game against Inter. This video brings back memories!!!

By Bulldog Drummond

They don’t come much better than that. Edu takes his shirt off.

With American owners it is not too surprising that our pre-season tour for 2021/22 will start in the USA. In this case in Orlando, where we shall be playing a game against Inter Milan and then one of either Everton […]