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73 players coming to Arsenal this summer! 7 new; 11 updates. The full list.

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

Now here are three interesting issues that have come up.

First, the media know most of the transfers they mention won’t happen. After all, this is how it has been each summer, when generally over 100 players are mentioned, but actual transfers are normally only mentioned a day or two before […]

Why Arsenal absolutely must not “allow the players to play”

By Tony Attwood have an article which talks about last season and summarises it as “Absolutely horrible; eighth place finish; no european competition. I guess that’s about it. But what caused it and how do we solve it?”

Now if you are a regular reader here you’ll know that not only do we disagree, […]

In 10 of the last 15 seasons one of the big six hasn’t been in the top six. It’s normal.

By Tony Attwood

There is a feeling around that Arsenal slipping outside of the top six is somehow abnormal, a crisis, the end of the world, time to rip everything up, something that never happens to other clubs.

But actually a season in which one of the big six ends up outside the big six […]