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Arsenal only did well after Xmas because the fixtures were much easier

By Tony Attwood

We are receiving more and more messages saying that the notion that the latter part of our season was not good, because we had an easy run-in at the end of the season.

I’ve answered this several times but I thought it might be easier to stop the discussion by publishing the […]

The European Super League II; how it is being built, and by whom

By Tony Attwood

By and large it is agreed that the European Super League was a terrible mistake, but it’s all resolved now, the clubs have paid their fines to Uefa for breach of rules and some fans are demanding seats on the boards.

Except… in football nothing is ever quite what it might seem. […]

The 10 things they don’t want us to think about, concerning Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

All summers are weird, in that journalists and bloggers have the job of writing their columns, but without any actual football to write about and so mostly resort to making stuff up. But this one is turning out to be particularly odd, because this summer there are so many big […]