Wolves v Arsenal, the team, plus media bitterness as they try to cover their errors

by Bulldog Drummond

With Alexandre Lacazette having scored in each of his last three Premier League away appearances and Arsenal having an extra buoyancy we enter this match with a certain level of enthusiasm as you may have seen in our earlier little pieces…

Deadline day didn’t really live up to the predictions (what a surprise), other than the obvious one where the player had already left and gone to the new club.  So…

didn’t actually happen, but still, let us allow the journalists to wallow in their own false prophecies (although we are pondering whether to do an article on false prophets and what some religious followers do to such people has been set aside – at least for the moment).

But we should not think that anyone is now starting to write something positive about Arsenal.  The Guardian doesn’t even have a piece on the game at all (at least not at 3.30pm when we last looked).

Elsewhere HITC, who have been running incredibly negative copy day after day since the start of the season keep going as concerning Nelson they say

“Arsenal apparently were demanding that any interested club paid half of Nelson’s wages, alongside a considerable loan fee.

“The youngster’s failure to secure a move looks a blow for his own development now.”

And of course they are not the only ones telling us it all went horribly wrong because of Arsenal’s incompetence, greed, stupidity, laziness etc etc.    Sport Witness have Arsenal making a “late call” to sign Barcelona for player – La Liga giants would have accepted… ”  But Arsenal were too slow.  It was ever thus – nothing about 99% of predictions of who we were signing being utterly and totally wrong.

And so it goes on.  Still, let us consider a team or two.

HITC are confident as usual and give us


Bellerin, Holding, Gabriel, Cedric;

Partey, Xhaka;

Pepe, Smith Rowe, Martinelli;



It is a measure of our success that many of these choices are now becoming quite obvious and expected.  Interesting too that after years of bitching and moaning no one has a word to say against Holding who has been doing sterling work at the back.  £3m he cost us – not a bad deal.

Just Arsenal give us


Bellerin  Holding  Luiz  Cedric

Partey  Xhaka

Pepe  Smith Rowe  Aubameyang



Yes that looks familiar but still it is disappointing however that most publications are not even bothering to do a preview of this match, let alone give a suggested team.  I can’t find anything at all on the Guardian website.

The Standard has its confirmed team news


Bellerin, Holding, Luiz, Cedric;

Partey, Xhaka;

Pepe, Smith Rowe, Martinelli;


and ok I am going to stop at this point because just about everyone who has been bothered to put up a prediction has come out with the same team.

Which I suppose is good in one way because it means that we are not scratching around trying to find people to play and desperate to find a new combination.

But I must say, that attacking midfield of Pepe, Smith Rowe and Martinelli must be one of the youngest if not the youngest we have ever put out in a League game.

A win, lads, come on, we really do expect a win.


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  1. Its Pepe with a beautifully placed right foot instep and Arsenal are 1 -0 after 32 mins.

  2. First of all, Mikel Arteta the Arsenal 1st team manager, and Edu the club technical director should be acknowledged and praised for their keeping to their words when they said, they will prioritize a clear out of a chunk of Gunners at the club over the signing of new 1st team players during the last winter transfer window that closed yesterday.

    And the duo Arsenal chieftains did not only kept to their words as they’ve moved out Kolasinac, Sokratis, Mustafi and the disgruntled, disruptive in the changing room and divisive at the club player in the person of Mesut Ozil.

    And a host of some young Gunners who need a regular game playing time in the Gunners of, AMN and Willock have been moved out on loan to some club sides to get the regular game playing time that they need.

    So, Arteta and Edu have succeed clearing out permanently four high wages draining Gunners at Arsenal during this last winter window who they no longer need their services any more at the club. And 2 Arsenal young players that brought their numbers to six Gunners moved out permanently and temporarily last winter window is commendable.

    Therefore, Arteta and Edu deserves a big part on their backs and big kudos should be accorded them for their doing the desired job at Arsenal during the last transfer winter window as they’ve moved out four senior teamers and two young players. But brought in only two, a new goalkeeper and midfielder back ups to thus brought down the wage bill that is being paid at the club to the acceptable level . More grease to Arteta’s and Edu’s elbows.

    In today’s evening Premier League match encounter between Wolves and Arsenal at Molinuex, let no any Gooners panic nor be afraid or worrying as to if the outcome of the result of the match will be to the favour of Arsenal or not.

    Nevertheless, I can assure all of us Gooners that the outcome of the result of the match will certainly be to the favour of Arsenal as I think and believe the Gunners will put the wolves to the guns in the game downing 3 wolves to no any Gunners hurt by the wolves during the match.

    Final scores at the very end of the match reads: Wolves 0-3 Arsenal. This is a true match outcome result prediction from me but not a false one.

  3. Hardly a foul let alone a red.

    Ran across him and if there was contact it was completely accidental. Refs been a joke from the start.

  4. Well some things end quicker than others. The referee knows that the half is over but allows Wolves to play on and Luiz touches the Wolves player I think and gets a red card while Wolves get a penalty.

    Not easy to accept but it is what it is. All square at half time with Arsenal playing the second half with 10 men.

  5. Looking at the ‘foul’ again – it was never a red card. A yellow would have been harsh. A penalty perhaps but how can an offside pass not be checked?????

  6. According to ex-ref Peter Walton. If Luiz had pretended to tackle him and brought him down it would have only been a yellow but because it was accidental and he made no attempt it had to be red. If that’s the rule, it’s a bloody stupid one.

  7. The ref was very quick , was it a pen ? Did Luiz try to make it look like a coming together ?

  8. Now the referee is taking the piss. Podence is less than 2 meters away from the free kick and does not get punished!!

  9. I don’t see the point in watching clearly fixed matches in any sport so I’ve stopped watching this one.

  10. The referee has suddenly realised that his bias is impacting his decisions. He allows barges by Wolves on Saka but a slight touch is a red card for Arsenal.

    The second red to Arsenal Leno is a surprise but then nothing in this corrupt league is.

  11. Pigmol dictates results in the EPL , we were allowed our run of games and as Menace says back to the tilted pitch

  12. The saddest game since the Champions league debacle.

    Our players are struggling because they have not played in this scenario before. I should have known that Pawson and Moss would work in tandem to screw us. The initial good bit was not taken advantage of and the bad bits are how to damage the moral of a good footballing team.

  13. Perhaps now the Arsenal management will acknowledge that Premier League officiating, including those referees who decide on the VAR outcome are biased and are not fit for purpose!! However we all know that it will not make one iota of difference if they do acknowledge the fact. How long do we Arsenal supporters have to continue to endure this disgraceful situation of the PGMO whereby there is absolutely no transparency within the PGMO and no way of protesting in an official capacity to the Premier League nor the FA. Indeed, the real problem must rest with the Premier League and FA. No monitoring of the PGMO re the ethnicity of referees; the parts of the country that appointments are made from. How and Why appointments are made etc, etc! Football in the UK is corrupt! But then again, for some of us we see a country that has been and still is one based on corruption, cronyism and class issues. ( for starters! ) So why do I sound so surprised and angry watching football and following Arsenal. It is what it is, as is the UK.

  14. Yep

    It was clear our good run was not going to be allowed to continue. From the start Pawson was tilting the pitch.

    Never never a sending off.

    How can you get a red for actually trying not to make a challenge ? It’s arguable it was even a foul. I don’t think it was. The players back lift came in to contact with Luiz.

    To make it worse, apparently if you deliberately pull him down it’s a yellow. If it’s accidental it’s a red ! Really, I mean really? Absolute joke.

    Even Lenos. Was it deliberate? Possibly, but of course when it’s us definitely.

    Saka. Was it a penalty? Possibly, but when it’s us definitely not. There winner was even a 1 in a 100 effort.

    Just about every 50/50 went against us.

    As I keep saying it’s cheating without cheating. We were robbed. End of.

    I’m gutted for the lads. I just hope it doesn’t affect their confidence too much.

  15. As many have asked, just what is the point to VAR?
    Also, nice fist-bump from the Wolves Captain to Pawson after the match. A good sportsman always shows his appreciation for a job well done.

  16. 3 clear wrong decisions caused Wolves first goal.
    Not a penalty. Not a red card. After wrongly allowed extra time.

    Also, was Wolves player offside in any case?

    VAR images not shown.

    We should have been 3-0 up by then. Lacazette not offside at the key moment when ball was played and Saka denied a clear penalty. However we should not be surprised by PGMOL cheating, as it is to be expected in every game we play. Pawson must be challenging Dean for status as Riley’s favourite.

  17. Why wasn’t the Chelsea player sent off in the cup final when Auba was fouled for the penalty, going by Walton’s logic there was no attempt to play the ball so there should have been a sending off for stopping a goal scoring opportunity, but as it was Arsenal there wasn’t? There is definitely a different rule for Arsenal compared to other teams.

  18. What really pisses me off is the fact that Pawson didn’t go to the pitch side screen to see the incident. The decisions were made by a fat cheating Moss!! How can this be allowed to stand? The whole thing is a farce with corrupt racist bastards making farcical decisions to disrupt football in England.

    The use of VAR is being abused by these cheating devious bastards called PGMOL. The FA keep counting the money!!

  19. The Laws state the game is officiated by an official on the field of play. Why did he accept a decision from Moss in Stockley Park while he was halfway through a burger? The player must have intent to foul or to have fouled in a dangerous manner to be red carded.

  20. It happens all the time. They always find a reason to justify the most ludicrous decisions that go against us. Not only that but they always manage to make it all our own fault. Take the penalty and Red card.

    Luiz could see he was wrong side and had no chance of making a legitimate tackle so he made the absolutely correct decision not to try and make the tackle, or more accurately, avoiding committing what would of been a professional foul.

    He actually made a concerted effort NOT to foul the player. Surely the correct thing to do? Apparently not.

    By all accounts, according to the pundits and commentators, typically our own Martin Keown included, he should of realised trying NOT to foul the guy would get you a red card. Apparently he should of learnt by now that scything the player down is the way to go if you don’t want a red. Obviously. You just cant make this s**t up.

    So yep, the ref was perfect and it was all our own fault.

  21. The FA should have been kicked out of football decades ago. Entitled whites running a private association for the benefit of a make-believe England. They give birth to the PGMO and the EPL becomes a profit driven arm of the entertainment industry, PGMO the ringmaster, Arsenal the clowns.

    If the Arsenal board had one molecule of the spirit Captain Tom Moore had they would have pulled the FA and the PGMO down before our eyes, sent them to the wind, but they didn’t. Even when it happens week in, week out, they refuse to protect their players, refuse to stand alongside their players. They prefer to protect their entitlement, their status, their social standing. their money. The Arsenal Board are as complicit as the FA and the PGMO.

    At the end they destroy football.

  22. Watching the replay, the first attempt by Saka in the first couple of minutes that hit the bar was a penalty as Saka was fouled after taking his shot. It should have been a penalty and a yellow card according to the Laws. Moss failed in his duty as the VAR official.

    Pawson didn’t give Arsenal a penalty when Saka was brought down by Bola. This is typical of the corrupt PGMOL and their collusion against Arsenal.

  23. On MOTD the BBC shows the incident and cannot prove contact but only assume contact. The Saka cross bar shot was a penalty as Saka was fouled after his shot at goal. The BBC do not show the Saka being brought down incident which according to the Laws is a penalty.

    Just before Wolves score their second goal there is a probable hand ball disguised but not looked at.

  24. The fix is on. They couldn’t make it any more obvious if they tried. That was not incompetence. That is Mason’s job. Where is Walter?

  25. Well there is a ton of evidence of their cheating and the board and owners must have the ability to present it. How do they do that? Official complaints? Media articles? Presenting 17 years of PGMOL cheating with clear evidence, photos, injuries and abh unpunished, statistics of fouls to cards. Incorrect decisions against us? All of it together.
    The evidence is so stark and bullshitting of the refs and complicit pundits doesn’t stand up to the facts. Facts are facts, however they try to bend the truth to suit the anti-arsenal agenda. The edifice will come tumbling down and we can finally have the level playing field we deserve in the UK. It will happen, it’s just a question of when, cos we’ve already waited 15 years. Oh well, that will make it all the more spectacular and embarrassing for them when it finally happens and that will be some comfort. And the fact that they’ve been so blatant with it for so long makes it easier to present and impossible for Riley and cronies to hide from.

  26. Sorry about the ‘test’ posts but is anyone else having trouble posting on the ‘Red Card’ article ?

  27. quiz question who is the only player in the history of the football association to be sent off without having done anything. i do not understand how the media etc cannot see how ludicrous this was -surely this particular rule needs to be changed immediately

  28. ron

    Rest assured if it had been Kane or one of their other ‘darlings’ we’d never hear the end of it and I have no doubt at all it would end with an apology from the pigmob and the ref having a spell in the championship.

  29. I still cannot get anything to post in the ‘Red Card’ article. Anyone else having a problem with it?

  30. Arsenal are reported to be appealing the Red card to David Luiz. I hope they also question the Saka penalty that wasn’t awarded for a similar incident to the Red card and also why the initial shot in the early moments of the game was not followed by a VAR into the foul on Saka.

    this was failing on the next post!!

  31. Twitter has been on fire with this story for over 24 hours now. Many supporters of other clubs have agreed that something is very wrong. Even AFTV seem to have had a Eureka moment.

    Here is a petition started on change.org last night


  32. Last night Peter Walton stated that it was a red card for Luiz because he didn’t make a challenge for the ball. Remember when Luiz brought down Tammy Abraham in the game against Chelsea in January 2020? He got a red card for that challenge.

    These PGMOB stooges are digging themselves into a deeper and deeper hole with each new excuse for their inconsistency

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