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February 2021

In a few years time our north eastern trip could be to see Bedlington Terriers

By Tony Attwood

Of course in the coming days there will be the usual half dozen or so articles on everything to do with Arsenal vs the Kingdom of Kev. Already I am sitting on a bizarre and eccentric review of the Kingdom by Billy the Dog, not to mention Dogface’s remarkable review of the […]

The Untold Invincibles: Genesis & End of FC Start

The Untold Invincibles: Genesis & End of FC Start

During the half-time interval, an SS officer entered FC Start’s dressing room. In a stern tone, he darkly said:

“You really cannot expect to win, however. Just consider for a moment what will happen if you do.”

The FC Start players knew what this […]

Chapman, Allison, Graham, Wenger: a comparison

Wenger, Chapman, Graham – a comparison

By Tony Attwood

I was intending to stop this series on Wenger after covering the three basics: Philosophy, Practice and the Total Revolution.

But a reader wrote in asking me what would constitute failure in terms of the Wenger revolution, and I thought it such a good question […]

Billy the Dog’s match preview – Arsenal welcome The Creature from The Black Lagoon.

Arsenal welcome The Creature from the Black Lagoon

By Billy The Dog McGraw, Landlord of the Toppled Bollard, Islington.

At the heart of the matter there are three creatures. Oysten the Greater, Oysten the Lesser, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

All three have a significant part to play in the world of Blackpudlian […]

It’s about being six years old and freezing cold, or travelling from Australia just to see a game

by Tony Attwood

The Arsenal History project, organised by Arsenal Independent Supporters Association, and (I think it is fair to say) welcomed by the upper echelons of Arsenal FC, has taken on a new direction.

We are starting to publish memories of fans – and at the moment we are focussing on memories of the […]

Untold Arsenal appear on the Arsenal membership DVD; Arsène copes well, I make predictions

By Tony Attwood

Star of stage, screen and the members pack

Well, if you have received the full Arsenal members’ pack, and put in your DVD (at least the round thing in the pack), and then worked your way through the Ray Parlour stuff, watched the goal of the season countdown, and wondered what next, […]

Stand up if you adore Martin Hayes

OK, that would be just me then.

Or at least that is what it often felt like when he was in the team. In his short, peak period, I thought he was God’s gift to the team, and was certain he was going to become one of the all time greats. […]

Highbury, Crush barriers, Cliff Holton and Stanley Matthews. A trip down memory lane

By GF60

“Looking back is sometimes dangerous because we see the past that we want to remember and not the past that has happened in reality.”

With all-seater grounds, nancyfied and oh so safe stadia, no-one will ever know again, the thrill of being able to tell the crowd size merely […]

Should we not all worship Jack Humble?

By Tony Attwood

If you’ve ever clicked on the links that I sometimes throw in at the end of articles you might have found your way onto the Woolwich Arsenal web site

The site covers, in a very erratic and idiosyncratic manner, the history of Woolwich Arsenal from its foundation as a professional club, […]

Heysel May 29

Heysel – the Belgian perspective. By Walter Broeckx

The history of the Heysel stadium goes back to 1927. In those days the city of Brussels decided to build a brand new stadium which was meant to become the home for all kind of sporting events in the Belgian capital. It was finished in 1930, thus […]

Arsenal throughout the last 20 years. How are we doing today?

by Walter Broeckx

As someone asked if we could not only give a bit of general view on the goals that we conceded but an overall view on all the statistics I will try to do this. I will only take a look at the league and the performances and will […]

Is it the defence that is the problem? The stats suggest not.

By Walter Broeckx

A reader asked it we could look at the goals conceded and compare this with the invincible year. A fair question and so I went on to do some research on this.

And if you just look at the bare facts they say:

2003-2004 : conceded 26 goals and won the title.


Lansbury is the big surprise as Arsenal win 16-1

16-1, I should explain, was the number of shots for each side.

And there isn’t too much point in doing any analysis of a match like this. We needed to win, and Fulham were thinking of the Europa League, and we did what was necessary. Most amusingly Tottenham didn’t.

Djourou came back and had a […]

Chapman and Wenger: how the crowd respond to our biggest losers

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Herbert Chapman’s first match in charge of Arsenal was at Highbury. It brought in a crowd of 53,000 and was against Tottenham. We lost 0-1.

I have often wondered, in this era of […]

It is 100 years almost to the day since the first Tottenham v Arsenal game

Which is why, in between everything else, I have been calling this, Tiny Totts week.

And in a sense this is the article I have been building up to all season.

I doubt that the Tinies even know the importance of this match in historical terms. They probably know it in hysterical terms but then, […]

Welcome to the land of the Pig’s Head

Today’s Sponsor:

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Welcome to the land of the Pig’s Head.

A Billy the […]

Arsenal Burnley: a delightful and insightful fistful of pratfalls

It’s been months since we talked about players and matches, what with midweek dribble ball and the invasion of the hatchet men last saturday, so here’s a quick run down on this saturdays team, before a quick review of the opposition and their semi-illustrated history.



Sagna Vermaelen […]

Me and Wayne Rooney. How I nearly changed the world

By Walter Broeckx

I think almost everyone has something from the past on which he thinks : If I had done so and so at that moment in my life what would have happened to the world.

You can imagine that people who have met, let’s say, someone like A. Hitler long before he was […]

Welcome to Football 3.0 and bid farewell to the old regime.

To recap and explain (or vice versa) Football 1.0 started when Preston North End were thrown out of the FA Cup in 1884 after a complaint from Upton Park FC that Preston had been paying their players.

As a direct result of this Preston got together with other northern clubs and formed the Football League […]

Life in Bolton, and other elements of chaos theory

Billy the Dog was not quite in the best of moods or the finest of fettle when I met him on the allotment to discuss the game against the almighty Notlob in the Land of the Fabled Beast.

I started by asking the question everyone asks, “Is there life in Bolton?”

“It doesn’t really matter,” […]

A Johnny Foreigner can never be a true Arsenal fan.

By Walter Broeckx

In the comment section of this site a couple of days ago there was a comment from a Gooner from South Africa who was declared not a real fan of The Arsenal because he did not live in England.

I must say that from my own experience I never had some one […]

Arsenal v Stoke, the facts, stats, and the result before it even happens

Arsenal vs. Stoke preview

On Saturday, Arsenal play host to Stoke City on a day that marks the 100 year anniversary of the first ever North London derby!

Pulis is marking himself to be a bit of an Allardyce in terms of management approach: he makes no apologies for his side’s style of play, and […]

On the 100th anniversary of Arsenal v Tottenham, what sport tells us about life

Today is the day we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first ever Arsenal v Tottenham game.

There is a full article on this on

This day was, in a very real sense, the start of a process that led us to Highbury, Division I and Herbert Chapman.

So it seems appropriate for […]

Arsenal programme on Wednesday to run article by UNTOLD ARSENAL

A word of warning. In this article I will not be hiding my bushel under a 40 watt bulb.

I’m over the parrot.

(Sorry if English is not your first language, that’s a really stupid play on words. In simple talk I am happy and I am going to boast).

Let me put it another […]

“Making the Arsenal”: read an extract, see the cover

Just in case you have missed my endless ramblings over the past nine months – I have written a book about Arsenal in 1910, called Making the Arsenal. Today the cover and an extract of the book has gone on line, and orders are now being accepted for delivery as soon as copies are printed.