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The curious case of Clattenburg and the laws

by Don McMahon

In his most recent article, Tony quite accurately reviewed the seriously flawed logic of Mr.Clattenburg and his rather bizarre public revelation about how he manipulated a game to achieve a personal end.

Some people posted criticisms of UA’s concerns but there are many other issues that Tony didn’t mention and I’d like […]

Us foreigners and the real thing.

By Johnny Foreigner

Every now and again at UA an idea crops up, either suggesting that somebody somewhere is an ‘original fan’ or that someone else is a ‘foreigner’. Unfortunately both ideas have implications which are impossible to verify once we start to scrabble around a bit under the surface.

The idea of being a […]

Arsenal v the Tractor Boys – the final part of the Europa League part one

by Tony Attwood

The trouble with home and away ties against teams that we don’t know too much about is that one tends to use up all the information available in the first leg. When it comes to the second leg there then isn’t too much to say.

But rather than offer you a blank […]