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After comments like this, it is amazing any player ever wants to come near Arsenal.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Before I start, I want a name or phrase to describe a really silly transfer rumour. Any ideas?

Anyway, here’s a little test for you to try out while you are thinking. Consider this headline.

1: Three centre-backs Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger should sign in the January transfer window


Is this the worst ever Arsenal season?

By Tony Attwood

We used to have lots of people writing in saying that the start of one season was the worst start ever for Arsenal. In the end it went on and on so much, and I started to be accused of “not facing facts” and “trying to cover up Wenger’s failings” so much, […]

Back from the palace and its the same old same old: Knock, knock, knock, kncko, konck

by Tony Attwood

Jack’s pass to Alexis last night was a moment to behold; a moment of sublime football which can be viewed over and over again (at least by me, even if by no one else); an utter delight. To my mind (and of course it is just my view) it is the sort […]