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Arsenal v Liverpool Friday 22 December – The Match Officials. Arghhhhhh!!!

by Andrew Crawshaw

Well the PGMO have been saving him for a special occasion this season and this match is it!

Referee – Martin Atkinson Age 46 and still FIFA accredited (but that is to lapse in January I believe due to his age).

Assistant Referee 1 – Stephen Child From Kent and FIFA accredited […]

Too much of a good thing? Why referees need the final say in any decision, even with VAR


byDon McMahon

What is a referee’s authority and what are his or her checks and balances that ensure he/she will do the job with integrity, firmness and fairness?

Law 5 provides the framework for the referee’s limits of authority and gives the restraints concerning the application of the laws […]

Arsenal v Liverpool! The fortune telling programme that predicts results quite well.

By Bulldog Drummond.

When I speak of “fortune telling” I mean of course my regular attempts to predict what will happen in each Arsenal game as it comes along. And aside from just wanting to win, I think the system we’ve been looking at this season is doing quite well.

By this I mean something […]