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Arsenal sign Saliba with Kroenke saying there is no £45m limit

By Tony Attwood

So with all that boring old business about there being a limit on Arsenal’s transfers safely revealed to be a load of old tosh, and Kroenke Jnr confirming what Untold has been saying all summer, that there is no £45m limit on Arsenal’s spending this transfer window it seems we can […]

The fans and the media against the Arsenal: “Nothing is ever good enough for this crowd”

by Tony Attwood

This article follows on from Supporters and the media against The Arsenal. How it all started.

In part one of this series I pointed out that Arsenal had long history of getting harsher treatment from the authorities than other clubs, of in-fighting within the club, and Arsenal fans turning on their own […]

In case you missed it: video of goals of Arsenal 2 Bayern 1

by Bulldog Drummond

There is a definite change of attitude emerging among the media.

They have now stopped the semi-skimmed reporting of 16 (or sometimes 17) Arsenal supporters groups who have criticised the running of the club. (In fact I keep asking people to give me a list of the 16 (or 17) but no […]

The problem is some Arsenal “fans” are more interested in themselves than the club

by Tony Attwood

As you may have seen I have been writing a little series of articles on the way the media and some of the Arsenal fan base have on occasion united in attacking the team and the management of Arsenal.

The opening piece which introduced the series was “Arsenal on the back foot. […]

Supporters and the media against The Arsenal. How it all started.

By Tony Attwood

If you’ve been reading newspapers or following a sports channel or the like these last few days it is possible you might have noticed a few comments of disgruntlement from certain quarters about Arsenal’s present state of affairs.

Or at least, if the people writing these commentaries are not exactly disgruntled, I […]

“Arsenal on the back foot”. How the media misrepresent Arsenal’s situation

By Tony Attwood

So the story continues: the Arsenal budget is £40m or £45m. Maybe it is. Or maybe it is a ploy by Arsenal to try and get prices reduced or maybe the £40m might just be an invention by journalists desperate for a story – any story – to knock Arsenal. Who can […]

Kroenke: We have never said anything about restrictions on spending.

By Tony Attwood

On 16 July the Daily and Sunday Express, a wretched and feeble newspaper group that takes a fanatical extremist right wing stance, and has been known to run a story that claim that a baby’s toy as been found on the planet Mars, ran the headline, “Arsenal director Josh Kroenke reveals why […]

Colorado Rapids v Arsenal: video of the match and what have we learned

By Tony Attwood

The starting team against Colorado was


Jenkinson Chambers Medley Thompson

Olayinka Burton Martinelli

John-Jules Saka


Arsenal won 3-0 with the goals coming from Saka, Olayinka and Martinelli – and what has got everyone rather excited was Martinelli and the word […]

How the media have used the Koscielny saga to cover up their own misjudgements

By Tony Attwood

By any measure it has been a disasterous two days for the journalists and bloggers who try and pretend that they have any idea at all of what is happening at Arsenal.

First the appointment of Edu has been largely passed by with just a nod about him having been an Arsenal […]

At home last season Arsenal’s defence last season was better than when we were champions

By Tony Attwood

As I have argued before, Arsenal’s home and away form have been quite different from each other in the past two seasons. I have also argued that last season we were particularly unfortunate in having injuries to several key players in defence.

But even without anything like our first choice defence operating […]

Arsenal’s net transfer spend is £77.6m per season over the last 3 years. So why just £45m now?

by Sir Hardly Anyone

After Stan Collymore left Talk Sport he said, “I don’t want, nor do listeners or viewers I’d guess, a bedroom set up, ranting at a wall and putting it out as a podcast. They want the technical excellence of traditional broadcast outlets, with the flexibility to watch or listen […]

Neymar and Griezmann fail to turn up for training? Should we embrace our poverty?

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal are, quite obviously, not in the same financial league as Paris Saint Germain, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus or Manchester City. Or now it seems Atlético Madrid. Simply, Arsenal doesn’t have access to vast wealth provided by owners and/or sponsors.

But maybe that should not worry us too much, in that with […]

Arsenal bloggers and journalists fight it out at the Toppled Bollard. (Satire, sort of)

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

“The Gunners are in desperate need of defensive reinforcements after struggling at the back last season,” announced the man from the Daily Star while starting his first pint of the morning, reflecting (if that is the right word) on the Koscielny saga. Ah well, if only they had taken […]

Edu comes to Arsenal. Why this is the moment when everything happens

By Tony Attwood

It’s now become quite a famous tale: Edu joined us in 2000, but never arrived because, (so the story goes) he had a fake passport. Which was very odd, since the fake was said to be Portuguese, and Edu had no link with Portugal other than speaking a Brazilian version of […]

Koscielny: There’s a new leadership at Arsenal, and it’s grabbing the future by the throat

By Tony Attwood

I really had to laugh when I read the sentence “There is no leadership at the club whatsoever and that’s why issues like the above are happening.”

“The above” of course was in relation to Koscielny saying he didn’t want to go on tour. The blog itself was one of the hundreds […]

The 75 players that the media has suggested Arsenal are signing this summer

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

This week the blog Suburban Gooner ran the headline Lack of incoming and outgoing at Arsenal is now becoming an issue. Maybe, although we still have over a month of the window left to find someone to sign.

However even Suburban Gooner couldn’t be that fed up with the rumours – […]

€30m for Saliba and a loan back? Really???

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

“Huge mistake!’, ‘Sack him now’ – Loads of Arsenal fans incensed with Emery decision” Gunnersphere

And no, that is not about the idea of signing St Etienne defender William Saliba for €30m and loaning him back for the 2019-20 season.

There’s no clear news on when the money will be […]

At Arsenal, does Kroenke want success on the pitch or money in the bank?

By Tony Attwood

There is a document doing the rounds of supporters clubs in which it is argued that the Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke is holding back the club by refusing to invest in player transfers to a sufficient degree. This follows on from the widely held view that the transfer budget for the summer […]

Arsenal are slipping behind this window – but why? And maybe it doesn’t matter?

By Tony Attwood

No, Arsenal are not slipping behind in terms of ideas on who we could buy – over 70 players coming in according to the media thus far. And of course there is still more than a month to go before the window creaks into a closed position (or “slams shut” as the […]

Is a new stadium a boon or a millstone? A look at ongoing PL ground improvements

by Tony Attwood

At the moment there are a lot of people denouncing the Kroenke family who own Arsenal, just as for quite a while there were people around who denounced Mr Wenger for not giving Arsenal more than three FA Cup triumphs since moving to the new stadium.

And the angst among some Arsenal […]

If the story about Vazquez to Arsenal is true, transfers are in real trouble

By Tony Attwood

This is a continuation of our regular update on all the players tipped to be in the pipeline for an Arsenal signing but the tale behind one of them, Lucas Vazquez, has caused a little bit of interest among those who study such matters. And this because if the story is right, […]

Junk rumours: the 26 Arsenal players the media says will leave this summer. But who will?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

First thing to say is that this list of men going is nothing unusual for the summer. Quite often in a summer transfer window the media end up claiming that everyone is leaving, with each “outlet” citing someone else as the source, while simultaneously ignoring every other junk rumour that is […]

Boreham Wood v Arsenal: the second half and Kroenke out

By Tony Attwood

There always has to be someone to blame and for a number of years it was Wenger. Wenger out! placards were all over the place, and finally the mob got their way, only to find… it didn’t make any difference. Now you might think people could learn a bit from that, but […]

Boreham Wood v Arsenal live match updates: the first half

By Tony Attwood

Problems with my subscription to the Premier 1 Sports channel meant I missed the first few minutes of the game and by the time I did get a picture Arsenal were 1-0 down. Unhelpfully, the Arsenbal players do not hve names on their shirts so I’m struggling to say who is playing. […]

The reason why there are empty seats for Arsenal league games

By Tony Attwood

There is an argument that says that Arsenal should fill up their stadium for every game of the season, and because there are empty seats around that shows that the club is failing and the owner and management are to blame.

In fact in terms of seats that are the argument is […]