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Local football teaches us all that the sun will come up again

By Walter Broeckx

Being a football supporter of a club is not an easy task. Being a supporter of two clubs is even more difficult. I have supported Arsenal since 1979 the day I visited Highbury with a few friends from my school. We lost 0-1 to Wolverhampton of all teams. Luckily I was not […]

What changes do we really need at Arsenal?


The anguish, whining and prognosticating that has occurred after our loss at WHL and our declining fortunes this season are truly Shakespearean in the extreme. The press are overjoyed with their hyperbole against AFC and the aaa are jubilant at the prospect of having one more […]

Does Arsenal have owners who care about the club? And if not, why do they so dislike our last great benefactor?

By Tony Attwood

A comment on Untold yesterday got me thinking. It was the one about having “owners who care”, and the problem with Arsenal being that we don’t.

Of course as soon as one looks at a statement like that it opens a can of worms because “caring” is difficult to […]