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Arsenal v Everton, 21 May 2017 – The Match Officials. This man’s bias against Arsenal in would make Mr Riley proud.

by Andrew Crawshaw

This is the last league game of the season and before I look in detail at the ‘men in black’ for this game, I would like to do a brief reflection.

Here is a table showing the Referees, how many games they have refereed in the league and how many for Arsenal.


Tony Adams does himself no favours as the Wenger, Wenger, Wenger fixation goes on.

By Tony Attwood

And so it goes on and on and boringly on. Press conference time and the silly nutters who sit their supposedly on our behalf asking probing questions to reveal hidden truths instead ask the manager if he is going to stay, and/or when will his future be decided. I think we’ve been […]

FA play the game of marginally considering one outrage to take attention away from its own chaos

By Tony Attwood

The FA, teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, have decided, very late in the day, to introduce the possibility of retrospective suspensions for players who dive or feign injury. The maximum punishment would be a two-match ban, with the arrangement starting next season. It is the copy of a punishment already in […]