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  1. Nitram
    31 January 2021

    Money and debt is and has always been a part of society.

    One thing I remember being told is if you owe the bank £100,000 that’s a big problem for you. If you owe them £100,000,000 that’s a big problem for the bank.

    Don’t really know how that might apply to any of the above but it may?


  2. Nitram
    31 January 2021

    Although as you say a lot of it is ‘personal’ debt rather than bank.

    As always with these things, personal or Bank, it depends on whether or not the debt is called in.


  3. Nitram
    31 January 2021

    This is why I don’t listen to all the build up c**p on SKY.

    Liverpool have had injury’s after injury’s to their centre halves. What we get is: how amazing that is. how unlucky they are. But how well they have coped.

    Similar things have happened to us, especially at left back I recall.

    We got zero sympathy. In fact all we got was criticism and the blame for the injuries.


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