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May 2021

Just how huge are the debts of the big football clubs?

By Tony Attwood

As surely everyone knows, football is in financial meltdown, and is surviving only because incredibly wealthy individuals, and in some cases countries, are ploughing money into clubs to keep them alive. Matters were pretty bad before the pandemic, but now, with income dramatically reduced debts have got out of control.

Interestingly no […]

I object to some of my tax payments being used to pay staff at Liverpool FC

By Tony Attwood

“Why should players take a pay cut?”

That’s an interesting question, but because that question begins with “why?” you can be sure that it doesn’t get much coverage in the media. For the British media is notorious for ignoring the “why?” in any debate.

What they do is skate over issues, […]

How supporters are being weaponised by the media; we’ve become their playthings

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By Tony Attwood

“I hate how they ‘weaponise’ us against each other with lies… Stadiums are now more hateful for it.”

Paul Ogden, a Manchester City fan, took a moment to write to Untold yesterday, and he made a […]

Transfer table update: the 23 players Arsenal are tipped to be buying

By Sir Hardly Anyone

I am not sure there has ever been a transfer window like this with such a paucity of transfer news as we have in this one. Normally by now we’d expect to have 40 to 50 men coming to Arsenal, but this January, its very poor. Very, very poor. Just 23, […]

Why the Sun decided to support Manchester City against Uefa

By Nitram and Tony Attwood


The Sun’s coverage of the Manchester City story concerning whether or not the club has been engaging in financial activities that breach Uefa rules is something to behold.

Of course given the way that the Sun presents stories, and given the literacy and intellectual level that […]

Does Chelsea shake when the USA uses the language of the AAA?

By Tony Attwood

Does Chelsea shake when the USA uses the language of the AAA?

Or come to that does Liverpool worry that no statement from the club will ever be believed again after the admitted lying over Suarez’ contract? Do Rangers fans worry that their club has to pay 30% p.a. interest on a […]

Coventry City 0-0 Shrewsbury Town, complete with Arsenal’s Chuba Akpom

———————————————- Coventry fail to tame the shrews*

Sky Bet League One, Sixfields Stadium, Northampton – Attendance 1,966

So on a bright sunny day in Northampton (not) and with nothing better to do (except mark essays) it was off to see a local football match to take the mind off Saturday’s defeat. I arrived early, narrowly […]