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September 2019
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Match fixing in the Premier League: the proof, the evidence, the prediction

By Tony Attwood

Imagine you are taken to the roof of a tower block and invited to jump off. More than like you will say, “well actually no, if you don’t mind, I won’t.” Or words to that effect.

“Why not?” enquires the awfully nice chap with you who is inviting you to do […]

The terrible truth behind how refs are bought in Arsenal games

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By Walter Broeckx

I will start with a question that could be asked at an Arsenal quiz evening and I think that […]

If the FA had any moral sense it would leave Fifa now; and the government would apologise too

Untold Arsenal highlighted once again on’s “Media Watch”

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And read about Arsenal’s great re-birth in “Making the Arsenal”



Latest: Untold Arsenal on commenting on the Norwich game (with special reference to […]

What the Mirror and Sun might have said about Harry if he’d worked for Arsenal

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By Tony Attwood

. The Sun newspaper is in a bit of a pickle at the moment. You see, Harry Redknapp is their columnist and (presumably) paid lots of money to write stuff, which means that when the big news in football is that Harry Redknapp is going to […]

Should Arsenal join other major teams in fixing matches to ensure survival?

By Tony Attwood

Of course the question in the title is loaded,and I know there are some people who don’t actually believe that match fixing goes on in the Premier League. They see, and presumably accept, the evidence of match fixing from across Europe, but believe that somehow (in ways that I have never seen […]

Corruption, corruption… another arrest, and it makes you wonder…

Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

By Walter Broeckx

A couple of days back the president of the Romanian Referee Commission Vasile Avram has been arrested. This Mr. Avram is what you could call the Mike Riley of Romania. He is the one that decides which ref goes to do which game. A […]

Revealed: the trick Barca are pulling to pay the fee for Cesc

By Tony Attwood

Last year, as we all know, Barca effectively went bust and in June were unable to pay their players. This year, equally famously, they have said they are saving money by stopping colour photocopying.

So how can they spend £30m or more on Cesc?

The answer is that Barca will more […]

Ryo Miyaichi: who checks the passport. Oh no oh no oh no!!!

Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal have been using Ryo Miyaichi in their friendlies this season – and yet he does not appear to qualify to play in the UK. So what’s going on?

The first possibility is that somehow during his time in the Netherlands he picked up a […]

We have a definite link between buying a club and match fixing

Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

By Walter Broeckx

As I am not from England I have a bit of a handicap in some things. Even though we can see some channels over here in Belgium we don’t get all the UK channels. So I couldn’t see the Dispatches programme about “buying a football […]

Phone hacking and football: refs and club owners.

Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

By Tony Attwood

If you live outside the UK or you are within the UK and resolutely don’t ever read a newspaper, watch TV or listen to the radio you might not know that this country is in the middle of one of its biggest political […]

Untold Media Watch: how one paper has read Untold and changed its mind about Cesc

Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

By Tony Attwood

In the novel “1984” by George Orwell (the book that gave us such phrases as “Big Brother” and “Room 101” and the notion that newspapers exist to make up news that fits a particular political viewpoint), one of the features of the regime that […]

Italian match fixing raises its head again: this time its Inter

By Tony Attwood

Gian Piero Gasperini has become manager of the Milanese club Inter. And just as he has, so Stefano Palazzi, who works for the Italian football federation (FIGC) has published a new 72-page report on the match-fixing of 2006. After looking at transcripts of phone-tap recordings, Palazzi has reached the […]

Turkey and Greece: two more countries in the growing match fixing scandal Football Scandal

By Tony Attwood

The Turkish Organized Crime Department have moved in on individuals seemingly involved in a match-fixing scandal. Around 40 people have been arrested including three club presidents – one of them the president of Fenerbahce.

Two Fenerbahce players, Emmanuel Emenike and Sezer Öztürk, have also been held in custody.

Other footballers arrested include […]

Tottenham apply for non-refundable government money to redevelop WHL. We talk to the minister

By our undercover reporters M. Adeup and T. Ruth

Following revelations that Tottenham Hotspur FC have applied to the government for a non-refundable grant for the redevelopment of their White Hart Lane “ground” we decided to seek an interview with the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, the Right Hon […]

Roman Abramovich and Michel Platini. Who is kidding whom?

By Tony Attwood

For Arsenal to win the league this coming season we need four things to happen.

Quite obviously the team needs to play well. I know it is patently obvious, but sometimes I like the obvious. Equally obvious is that the under 10s say there’s no chance of that, and they are […]

Refs and scandals: Argentina, Greece, Germany, Hungary, internationals…

By Walter Broeckx

Untold Arsenal has always been one of those blogs that is very open to the thought that games can be bought in some way, either by buying some player(s) or is it by buying a ref.

Why a player or a ref is bought for is something we don’t know yet. I […]

A call to arms; let’s sort out this refereeing issue once and for all

Untold needs you – your team needs you and your sport needs you in a very special project! […]

How the football insanity of Fifa helped wreck a small English club

By Tony Attwood

Here’s a thought and a half. Plymouth Argyle is bust, bankrupt, kaput. So far gone they have brought in Mr Ridsdale who is currently facing a few charges by the authorities in relation to the small matter of his running of affairs at Cardiff City.

Now think of this: In backing England’s […]

Why I dont like Giggs and other musings about super injunctions

By Billy the Dog McGraw – our legal correspondent.

By and large I don’t like censorship. But I find myself writing on a site that is now censoring comments and have to admit that I see the need sometimes. (At the moment we have the issue of people who come onto the site, look […]

The problem with Untold Arsenal; moving things on

By Laundry Ender

The problem with untold and moving things on

Credibility, that is the problem. At least it is as far as the assertion that there is a systemic bias in referees towards some teams, or players in the Premier League. And that the bias has an impact on the outcome of games, and […]

EU to take on Fifa. Now this could be fun

By Tony Attwood

In the past the EU has had quite an impact on football – sometimes positively sometimes not (in my opinion of course).

Its rules gave us the Bosman ruling, which I rather like, and gave us the free movement of players, as with all workers in the EU, which I totally […]

FA clearly guilty of bringing the game into disrepute. So what’s their punishment

By Tony Attwood . Before England put in their bid for the World Cup they knew that organisation they were dealing with, and the people within it, were corrupt. They must have known because on this site, and of course on many others, there are loads of articles about corruption in Fifa. We even have […]

From Ridsdale to QPR, there are corruption questions being asked

By Tony Attwood

The main thrust of Untold in terms of corruption relates to the issue of the way in which it seems that the Italian style low-level buying of referees in general as crept into the Premier League.

But while this is our main level of focus in terms of the way football […]

Untold Exclusive: Arsenal Crowned Champions of EPL!

Untold Exclusive: Arsenal Crowned Champions of EPL!

By Sammy The Snake

You read it here first, live and exclusive to Untold Arsenal.

Gunner’s win over ManU has sealed Arsenal’s strong hold on the EPL, and they have been declared the winners of 2010/2011 season after a gruelling campaign.

Think Sammy’s gone crazy? Think again.

It’s […]

The Corruption League grinds to a conclusion. If you don’t believe me, you could believe others

By Walter Broeckx

As being a fan you can be biased about some things. So when people say to me that I cannot be neutral in doing my ref reviews this is something that I cannot deny completely. How hard I try to be neutral when doing it, it can still influence me.

The same […]