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Arsenal’s power in reserve football forces more teams out

One of the crazier sidelines of the failure of England to do very much in a world cup final has been the parade of has-beens (as opposed of course to people like me who have never been in the first place) saying that England needs to “clear the decks” and “wipe the slate clean” and […]

England – Germany, who is to blame for the not given goal?

by Walter Broeckx

I think most of the English media will be starting a crusade against Mauricio Espinosa.

Off course he is the one that had to make the decision but let me come to possible other responsibles later on. Just to clear things it was not a disallowed goal as it was called, it […]

Who exactly makes the rules in football? And why won’t they allow goal line tech.


By Tony Attwood

The rules of football are established by the International Football Association Board (IFAB). It calls itself the “guardian of the Laws of the Game”. What it says goes. There is only one IFAB, (just like there is only one monopolies’ commission) and everyone buys into it.

The […]