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Sunu scores wonder goal in UEFA Final as FA’s anti-Arsenal approach is revealed in all its disgraceful glory

France 2 Spain 1. Last night. Final of the UEFA Under 19 Championship.

In the team were two Arsenal players – Coquelin and Sunu. Both played brilliantly, both were significant part of France’s victory, and both were part of the magnificent double winning team of Arsenal, that won the Youth Cup and Youth League.

They […]

“Well we all want Cesc to come to Barcelona, but can they pay for him?”

By Walter Broeckx

Today is my last complete day in Cataluña. And I must say that I feel rather glad about it. I will be returning to a colder place, with less sunshine but with a media and press that is a bit more factual than the rubbish I had to see in the last […]

Cesc speaks, decides on his future, and gives his reasons

By Tony Attwood

Cesc Fábregas has decided to stay at Arsenal. What’s more he has given his exact reasons.

“My main reason for staying is that I like to be paid,” he said. “I am not mercenary, but if I sign a contract that says I will be paid each month, I like to be […]

Season tickets at Arsenal – just how big is the waiting list? At last, an answer.

We’ve debated this issue over and over again – how big is the waiting list at Arsenal for season ticket in the main part of the ground (by which I mean upper and lower tiers, not Club Level and Diamond Geezer Level).

The Anti-Arsenal Arsenal (AAA) web sites have suggested since […]

From our correspondent in Spain: Barca and Arsenal – the secret agreement

By Walter Broeckx

Our man on the spot.

Well another few hot days in Cataluña over here but that is not what you want to here, if you want to hear it.

But I have been doing the round of the sporting things they call sports news papers over here. Mind […]

Wenger reveals more about the team v Liverpool, transfers and injuries

“It’s only noise”

By Tony Attwood

Arsène Wenger is opening up a little in his interviews, and giving us a little more insight into how matters are going to pan out in the opening match of the season.

One big hint comes in a statement directly from him that he will […]

Barca: how a once great club has collapsed under the demands of its fans

By Phil Gregory

Yesterday Untold Arsenal published the second in the series of Barca’s finances revealing how the club has lied over supposed profits, and how the prediction made previously that they were actually on the edge financially was completely true.

Having seen the story […]

Barca’s chaotic finances – now at last the truth emerges

By Tony Attwood

You might remember how Barcelona have boasted about making money, having no problem with cash, and winning things at the same time, and all that sort of stuff.

Why can’t we be like that, cry the anti-Arsenal Arsenal. Well here’s why.

I had the temerity to put up an article “Barca on […]

Rising lake levels and vampires put Arsenal’s friendly in doubt

This is overseas week on Untold Arsenal. Walter Broeckx is in Spain covering “Cesc Week” and here is Billy’s piece on tonight’s game in Austria. . Unfortunately transmission lines across the ocean are not what they might be and Walter’s article wasn’t listed yesterday on Goonernews, so if you rely on that august publication, you […]

The five year deal is done and Cesc is ready to sign for Barca

Just what do the footballing public in southern Europe think about the issue of Cesc, his contract, and the fact that Barca are nowhere near as financially sound as the world makes out.

We sent out intrepid report Walter Broeckx to Spain, to keep us up to date on how football […]

This season’s team: the defence

The edition of this article published at around 8.30am BST on 26 July missed out Sagna, not because I don’t know he is there, but rather because my computer decided to take on a life of his own. His details were added at around 1pm BST. Apologies for the […]

In 3 years time Old Trafford will be half empty, but the Ems will still be full

By Tony Attwood

The supporters’ rebellion at Manchester United this summer was supposed to involve season ticket holders not renewing until the last minute.

But the trouble with rebellions is that they can sometimes get a bit out of control. I am not sure that the middle class members of the […]

Football’s Guide to How to be Incredibly Stupid

It never used to be like this.

In the olden days each season was pretty much the same as the season before. There’d be two new clubs in the First Division (usually West Ham and Blackburn, if memory serves) and every other year we would have a new centre forward (probably Scottish).

If there had […]

Arsenal’s early season gets a significant boost

The start of the new season at Arsenal has been given an enormous boost as all 23 players in the world cup squad of France have been suspended.

It might only be for one game, but ensuring that at least three of our top players are not selected for France in the forthcoming round of […]

Fifa helping Barceloanus in tapping up

by Walter Broeckx

If anyone still had any idea on what Fifa stands for and on how Fifa is looking at it’s job to see if all the clubs do the things according the rules we know now.

Yesterday on this article appeared and I will copy it like it was written.


Half a league, half a league, half a league of debts onwards

I reported that Roma have been put up for sale even though they came second in Italy – and that they have loads of debts.

Now I find (in an article on Italian-Calcio Blog) the Italian football federation has announced that Serie B side Ancona and 20 Lega Pro sides have […]

Eduardo, the final salute

By Walter Broeckx

I could hardly believe the news I heard today. They said you were leaving and that you were going away. So I had to go to and there it was red on white: Eduardo joins Shakhtar Donetsk.

Well to be honest I could believe it. And most of all I could […]

Zarg 6 Arsenal 13; Stewart Robson speaks odd, JET, Nordtveit, Nasri star

By Tony Attwood, at the computer, Great Oakley.

So there it was, there you have it, makes you think, this is it.

It wouldn’t have surprised me if Stewart Robson, co-commentator extraordinary had said any of that. He is a man who although he was a fine footballer, has never quite mastered the finer points […]

This season’s team: the amazing midfield

Midfielders: Diaby, Wilshere, Fabregas, Rosicky, Nasri, Denilson, Ramsey, Song

By Tony Attwood

This article continues in the format established earlier in a review of the forward line. Also at the end is an update on which of the reserve players are not at the summer camp, and whether that means much…


Football remains in the stone age

By Walter Broeckx

Tomorrow the IFAB (International Football Association Board), the committee that is deciding upon the rules in football will have a meeting on Wednesday. The meeting will be held in Cardiff.

And on the agenda of the meeting is only one item. And this item is to study and […]

I’m so excited I am going to be a clock ender

By Walter Broeckx

What a great day this was. When I came home from work and went on the internet and saw the Arsenal website I read some great news. It said over there that from this season on I am going to be a Clockender.

Ever since we come over with the Arsenal Benelux […]

Why football accounting is so crazy, and why it is hard to believe the Tottenham figures

Our review of the finances of Tottenham Hotspur was read by more people than any other articles we have published. With such interest Phil Gregory has taken a further look at Tottenham, the finances of football and the conclusions we can draw.

A big issue for fans and clubs is one […]

Sky reveal exclusively Arsenal will sign at least six more first team players

According to Sky with its story, “Wenger steps up preparations” Arsenal are going to have to sell players to make space in the squad, because of the 25 player rule.

They say,

Meanwhile, Wenger has hinted that he may look to move a few players on this summer, with new Premier League regulations stipulating that […]

Why Gooners have so much to be proud of

Why us gooners have much to be proud of

Aria Khani

The recent world cup final was contested between a technically gifted Spanish side and a very hard working and talented Holland. The Spanish victory was hailed by Alan Hansen and co, as a good result for football. They marvelled over […]

Who is lying and why? Cesc interview and translation.

By Walter Broeckx

On this site and on many occasions we have showed you how careful you have to be when you read something about Arsenal.

Only a few hours ago I saw this with my own eyes. On Goonernews there was a link to an article on Skysport. And it said: Cesc stands by […]