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Premier League Betting and Odds

All the players the catastrophists think should leave, and the rest of the squad

By Tony Attwood and the Catastrophists Union of Nautical Turnips.

(Spell it, you’ll see what I mean)

‘Tis noticeable that in the last couple of days Barca have gone very quiet on the Cesc front. Within the space of 10 days we have moved from “We’ll sign him by the weekend” to “We won’t be […]

can they read minds

by Walter Broeckx

I never knew there are so many mind readers and clairvoyants. And in fact they all have one thing in common: almost all of them are Arsenal fans. Or pretending to be.

In the last weeks I have seen people telling us what some people really think and what and why they […]

Fifa admits bribery is possible

by Walter Broeckx

We all live in a perfect football World. Well, that is what we want to believe. Or what they want us to believe. There is no such thing as corruption in football. Games are not sold. Refs are not bribed. That is what we should believe.

Most of you know that I […]

A new football structure in England in Spain within the next four years

By Tony Attwood

An unpublished document within the EPL’s HQ (revealed by the BBC in a Radio 4 programme just over a week ago) agrees that the EPL has club debts of over £3bn, which is quite a lot, really.

One thing that is agreed by most independent analysts is that this is not sustainable […]

Heysel May 29

Heysel – the Belgian perspective. By Walter Broeckx

The history of the Heysel stadium goes back to 1927. In those days the city of Brussels decided to build a brand new stadium which was meant to become the home for all kind of sporting events in the Belgian capital. It was finished in 1930, thus […]

How not to run a football club

Go to football club and you will find people who complain. They complain about the price of beer, the quality of the food, the action of the stewards inside the ground, the attitude of the police, the incompetence of the box office…

Over the years I have found football clubs to be among the most […]

Arsenal throughout the last 20 years. How are we doing today?

by Walter Broeckx

As someone asked if we could not only give a bit of general view on the goals that we conceded but an overall view on all the statistics I will try to do this. I will only take a look at the league and the performances and will […]

New financial regs approved, so I don’t look a total prat

I laid my cards on the table, put myself on the line, laid my body on the tracks, and generally risked ridicule.

After a lot of Untold readers had previously written in and said that the new UEFA regs on financial doping would hit the dust, they went through unmolested.

UEFA Club Licensing and […]

Next season’s squad: who we’ve got and who we need

By Leke Osmani

-Last season we performed better than the media thought we would. We came 3rd and did quite well in the Champions League. The main positive we have from last season I believe is the fact that we have seen just how powerful our squad can be. Spending millions will break the unity […]

Uefa’s new regs are about to be voted through, and they will change the whole face of football

The last time I wrote about the new Champions League anti-financial-doping regulations that are being voted on today, 27th May, a lot of people wrote in saying that they had already been watered down, and wouldn’t work because clubs would find a way round them.

I know it is bizarre for […]

Being a referee: what it’s like, part two

By Walter Broeckx

This is part two of the article on being a referee, by Walter. Part one can be found here.

To follow up on what’s it like of being a ref I will start to tell you that being a ref is being the loneliest man on earth at times. This only changes […]

Cesc: how the media created and used a non-existent transfer

By Tony Attwood

On Wednesday 19 May the Guardian ran a story by Sid Lowe. The Guardian, as you might have noted from my past comments, is my UK newspaper of choice. Far from perfect, but in my personal view, the best there is.

But it is, as I say, far from perfect.

Sid Lowe’s […]

Being a ref, what it’s like. Some tips and some advice

Being a ref, what’s it really like. Some tips and some advice.

By Walter Broeckx

As a reader recently mentioned that he was going to become a ref this summer I would like to do a little piece on my own experiences and some of my friends that they have gone trough as a ref. […]

‘Football is a simple game’ – The biased Media

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‘Football is a simple game’ – The biased Media

By Guo Sheng Lee

How many times have we heard the saying: ‘football is a simple game’?

Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to have […]

Barcelona’s Unintended Prophet heralds the collapse of the Spanish Empire

Did Sandro Rosell unintentionally signal the hidden fear in Spanish football?

Mike Urbanski

Cesc is leaving. Or Cesc isn’t leaving. Barcelona say they can only pay £30m for Captain Fabulous. Arsenal are said to be demanding £80m. Cesc and Arsene have sat down and discussed his potential transfer to Barcelona. Or […]

Is it the defence that is the problem? The stats suggest not.

By Walter Broeckx

A reader asked it we could look at the goals conceded and compare this with the invincible year. A fair question and so I went on to do some research on this.

And if you just look at the bare facts they say:

2003-2004 : conceded 26 goals and won the title.


Catastrophists and doom mongers fail to come up with a coherent plan

A week or so back Untold published an article which revealed how a tiny group of people had created the doom and gloom movement at Arsenal by undertaking multiple postings from different email addresses.

In that article and others I’ve tried to point out what I think are the complex interrelated issues that need exploration […]

How to control referees

by Walter Broeckx

A few days ago I wrote an article on punishing certain types of behaviour of players on the field. Someone pointed out that it also should be done for referees. If players could get a yellow card after the game because of their body language or anything else that needed judging later, […]

Why our summers are always so miserable… and why we won’t be bullied any more

Why our summers are always so miserable… and why this is the last summer of pain.

Ian Trevett

I can remember when summers were fun. After a long season it was nice to get weekends back for a month or two. Go on holiday, maybe watch a World Cup or Euro Championship (with hardly any […]

Another media attack against Arsenal

by Walter Broeckx

There is something strange going on in the media in the UK. With the hype surrounding Cesc Fabregas they acted in a way that I never have seen before.

From the Spanish point of view it us a bit reasonable what they are trying to do. They just want to bring their […]

Uefa to pass financial doping rules on 27 May; most of EPL won’t qualify for Europe

TODAY’S SPONSOR: Picklive the new football game that you play on your laptop while watching football on the telly launched its new look this week ahead of the Championship Play Off final and Champions League final at the weekend.

There will be free and pay-to-play versions of the game available for every match during the […]

Comparing the incomparable: Arsenal, Read Mad, Man Arab

Is spending more and more money the answer? by Walter Broeckx

Some Arsenal fans had a lot of problems with the approach of the board and the manager in the last years. Some accept that Arsenal had not a lot of cash because of the financial and housing market crisis and […]

Better the Devil you know, than the owner you don’t.

By Terence McGovern


When I first thought of writing this article. it occurred to me that dozens of others would be doing the same and I decided to leave them to it. Days and weeks passed and not one scrap appeared on the subject matter. At […]

Business as usual at Fifa’s headquarters as Tottenham bid for the world cup

by our special reporters in Switzerland and all over the world: R. Ubbish and E.M.P. Tyhead

May 18. The new FA chairman has accused the Belgium FA of helping Holland to bribe refs on the coming World cup to make sure Holland win it. Holland and Belgium are bidding together for […]

Chelsea FC are not debt free at all – it was all a huge con (or a mistake)

————— Today’s Sponsor: “Making the Arsenal” – just so you can realise what it was like in the really bad times. —————

By Tony Attwood

The BBC and a lot of other commentators and news sources said, “Chelsea Football Club has said it is now “virtually debt-free”.”

You’ll remember it well. […]