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Why Cesc won’t go now, but why he might, maybe, perhaps, possibly, could go in August

By Toby Maitland

I’ve been an Arsenal fan since the mid-1970s: a season-ticket holder in the late eighties, now living in the US and follow The Arsenal on the telly and the web.

I was hoping that you would post something the Untold Arsenal blog that relates to the Cesc Situation. […]

This world cup is so utterly boring, so here’s something else…

by GF60

How I loathe the the silly season. Even with the World Cup, the thought that the only sides I’m interested in at are those with Gooners playing (preferably they all get minor injuries whilst training and miss out) and the locals, is insufficient to stir the enthusiasm.

So a […]

Revenue and Customs issues writ against the whole Premier League

By Tony Attwood

Well, there it is. I pop over (or rather under, since I went by train) the English Channel for a few days, practice following the football news in French, watch France and Spain on TV being given the run around in warm ups, muck about a lot a […]