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Fifa’s finally promise that leg breaking fouls will be properly punished

by Walter Broeckx

An injury free world cup? Who’s responsible?

Since Tony has given my the opportunity to do some writing on Untold I have on occasionally tried to provide some information on the rules in football and how refs should act according the guidelines given by Fifa.

As with every World Cup Fifa is […]

The collapse of football: how the toxic weed of Strategic Default took over our game.

by Tony Attwood

If you take homeowners who in recent years spent far more than they should on buying a house on a mortgage, you can liken them to clubs who’ve also taken the “everyone else is doing it!” approach of reckless financial management. Instead of living within their means, they’ve […]

How Arsenal came to the rescue of English football

How Arsenal came to the rescue of English football.

By Tony Attwood

I started researching this article with three questions in mind:

a) Why is England so bad at football

b) Why does Arsenal under Wenger use so few English players?

c) Why does the Netherlands, with its small population seem […]