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Statistical analyses in football: an interview with the Professor

By Phil Gregory

I was recently fortunate enough to be able to do a short interview with Bill Gerrard, Professor of Sports Management and Finance at Leeds University. Professor Gerrard is heavily involved in the game, having worked with top sides in fields as diverse as squad valuations and performance analysis, […]

Arsenal’s financial collapse, EPL financial collapse, Man U financial collapse

by Tony Attwood, and the guy who writes Le Grove

Three linked financial matters.

First, the EPL is haemorrhaging cash on salaries. Secondly most Arsenal season ticket holders are giving up their season tickets, and third the Glazer Gang’s other businesses have all come unstuck so they have no choice but to hang on to […]

The referee for the England game is “a crook, a scoundrel and a shameless bastard”

“If I met him in the street I would slap him.”

By Tony Attwood

Untold, from its earliest days, has carried the argument that FIFA is a bent organisation organising bent tournaments. The site has only reported a handful of the incidents that lead to that conclusion, but if you want […]