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2 August is BT Sport’s last chance to redeem themselves as Arsenal’s media partner.

Saturday 2 August is just about the last chance for BT Sport to redeem itself as Arsenal’s media partner.

This time last year they gave a performance at the Emirates that was so awful in terms of criticising the very competition they were supposedly covering that it beggared belief that they had actually pitched for […]

Beware where you watch football. It is not as safe as you think.

By Tony Attwood

As you may well know, (and telling the world about it is by far the best thing the Guardian has done in recent years), if you live in Britain then you are under surveillance. You might be monitored in real time, you might be watched if you are allowing your pic to […]

New signing for Arsenal? You’re having a laugh.

By Dr Billy “the Dog” McGraw. Head of Translation Services, University of the North Circular Road.

I’m starting to think that the blogs and newspapers that specialise in transfer gibberish (“gossip” seems too upmarket a word) are actually vying with each other to see who can produce the greatest level of nonsense.

The only question […]