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Qatar, Fifa, Barça. Is this how we want football to be?

A personal perspective by Tony Attwood

Taking on the subject of Qatar, what it is, what it stands for and indeed what it is doing, is dangerous ground. Dangerous because opinions are so polarised that anything one says is going to be open to discussion, debate, and dissent.

It’s been rather a nice summer so far…

By Tony Attwood

Having done my bit of summarising as to where we are following the Emirates Cup I’m going to take the plunge and try and do a bit of thinking about how it has been so far for us, and what our rivals in the Premier League are up to.

Now I do […]

How we may have found an answer to the defensive midfielder issue

By Tony Attwood

Thinking inside the box, and clutching at stories that require no effort, these are the daily activities of most sports journalists.

The vision is of an audience that is only interested in the now, not the deeper analysis. “Simple words for simple souls” is the motto. It is as if the 1960s […]