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How quickly you get used to winning things

By Walter Broeckx

Last year around this time the non-existing AAA were all over the place. Predicting their gloom and doom. The main point of their reasoning was: as long as Wenger is here we will never win another trophy. I remember that I even wrote a few articles about it. Saying that if you […]

Arsenal to re-sign Bendtner, Tottenham foiled by a cement mixer.

By Sir Hardly Anyone and Professor Billy “The Dog” McGraw, university hospital of the North Circular Road.

On the day when we have been told that Theo is no longer our fastest player (it is now apparently Hector Bellerin) we are once again awash with transfer rumours. After all […]

Mourinho – the champion of the fight against ref corruption, or a prat?

By Tony Attwood

When we look back from the perspective of history, season 2013/14 could have gone down as the year in which for the first time the owner of a league club admitted he lied about the status of a player in order to put another team off the scent. And that the […]