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What should Arsenal do about season ticket holders who don’t turn up?

By a rather irate Tony Attwood.

Some seven years ago I injured myself in the gym. It was a back injury. At first it seemed nothing. Then it was unbelievably painful, but I expected it to go.

But it didn’t. I was unable to walk more than two or three steps, for a month. […]

HOW TO WIN THE PREMIER LEAGUE: a historic analysis of what winners do


By Tjekem

How does a team win the Premier League? Do you need the top goalscorer? The best offence? The best defence? What about goal difference?

The only thing that we know for sure; is that you need the most points! But how many?

For the purpose of this […]

Is trading in teenagers the new solution to FFP problems?

By Tony Attwood

There are three clubs out of the five most fancied to win the Premier League who have to watch their financial footing.

Man City, as we all know, made utter asses of themselves by not only failing FFP first time around, but then refusing to accept it, refusing to do what PSG […]