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by Don McMahon

Following Arsenal’s rather late capitulation to Anderlecht and in anticipation of the negative bloggers bound to assault UA with their gloom and doom scenarios I felt it salient to provide some upbeat and encouraging observations about being positive in all things Arsenal. Now some will surely argue that wearing rose-coloured glasses won’t […]

Seeing the world upside down: Emirates disappoints, Fifa is as normal

By Tony Attwood

Travelling to Australia is exciting, is a pain, is a back ache, is lost sleep, is wondering if they are going to let me into the country with my supply of herbal tea bags (they did) and for me most of all is one long long hug with my youngest daughter on […]

Stopping the match after 60 minutes

By Walter Broeckx

As I wasn’t at home for the match and had other obligations right after the match I couldn’t get to write this earlier.

And when I came on to the site I had to get rid of the usual rubbish posted by people who had been waiting for a few weeks to […]