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It’s cheaper at the Emirates. Arsenal ticket prices and the hidden facts

By Walter Broeckx

Let me start by saying that I would love it if the ticket prices at Arsenal would drop. I would be very happy with that. As for most people it is expensive. And as most of Europe is in not the best economical conditions (certainly my country is doing badly we are […]

A confession: when we lose it is all my fault. Football rituals and me

On Saturday I eschewed nearly all of my pre-match rituals and we lost to the worst United team since the dawn of time (or sometime in the 1970s I think).

Why did I stop?

Well because for most of the season they haven’t worked and frankly I’d reached the point (it was Anderlecht at […]

Football Betrayed: would public flogging be a fair punishment for football journalists?

By Tony Attwood

An Arsenal match is, for journalists, a moment for making stuff up… or if not that then a moment for exaggerating and giving undue emphasis to some events while ignoring others. I’m wondering what we can do to stop it.

For example the David Hytner Guardian piece today says: “An Arsenal supporter […]