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International football’s problems in Africa, but it does have its uses.

By Tony Attwood

A month or so ago the comedian Justin Moorhouse broadcast a few interesting thoughts on international football. I heard part of it while driving, and wished I had recorded it. Fortunately one of the newspapers obviously had their recorders running, and gave rundown of what he said:

“It’s probably going to upset […]

EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: FUFA IS INNOCENT : the exclusive report from our investigator on the spot

By Jack Bottle, examination officer and connoisseur of all good things like whisky, woman and money

Cheers. aaaggghhh The first sip is always the worst. But once you have done that the next sip tastes all the better. But as you are not here for my whisky but for my report on that wonderful organisation […]

Untold Arsenal, ahead of the game and the rest

By Walter Broeckx

It might sound pretentious such a title but once again we can say that we have been talking about things in the world of football that we were heavily ridiculed for at times (till today still by some) that are now slowly filtering through to the serious media. Untold Arsenal […]

Arsenal – Tactics and Teamwork

By Bob MacDonald

As an introduction to this article I wish to mention briefly my credentials, hopefully this will not be misinterpreted as arrogance.

Since the early 70’s I have held the UEFA ‘A’ Coaching Qualification, having used it in various coaching and managing posts over the years including work at a former Football League […]