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Barcelona: breaking the labour laws and being poor at transfers

When Untold started using the phrase “Football Betrayed” it was with one meaning in mind. That the journalists who are instrumental in shaping opinion – particularly of those who don’t make it to many matches – have fallen short of their duty of investigating what is going on in football.

Too often they just do […]

Instructions from referees to assistants

By Walter Broeckx

When we published the referee review from the Arsenal – Burnley match it was obvious that the non decision for the handball from Burnley player Boyd in his own penalty area was the most important item.

To make it clear I will try to link to a vine where you can see […]

In a Terry Venables dreamland where the AAA feel at home

By Tony Attwood and the Wizard of Oz

Of late I have been having a little dig at journalists and AAA people who seek to tell us that Mr Wenger is a useless manager, that the solutions to Arsenal’s perceived problems are obvious.

While I don’t expect any newspaper to have read, let alone take […]