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Who will we lose or is already lost by now

by Walter Broeckx

Untold Arsenal is a positive blog. We always look at things in a positive way. We don’t believe that moaning about the players and managers 25 hours a day is first of all making any difference and secondly will change anything. So why moan and make yourself and the rest of the […]

Living in the PGMO dreamland..delving deeper

By Walter Broeckx

In my first article I said that I had an end of year report from the PGMOL still with the L in those days in which they said that they only have noticed 43 wrong key decisions in the whole season 2011-2012. Of course if you think about that number for more […]

The hindsight managers: he should have….

By Walter Broeckx

After our loss at Swansea I have seen a few comments blaming Wenger for not having interfered enough by letting Chambers play on right back after it was clear that he had a difficult match against Montero.

The reasoning was: we had Bellerin on the bench so he should have brought Bellerin […]