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When Dean is ref the chance of an Arsenal player being out for months is 300% more than with any other ref

By Walter Broeckx

So there we have it… just as I predicted. I know it is getting a bit boring. But it is a fact that I predicted it would happen. And it happened again. Another player injured because of the PGMO referees not doing their job.

And as the media always tells that it […]

Champions League update and possible opponents

By Walter Broeckx

So who can we meet… and who not if the CL groups as they now stand were to be the final tables in each group?

If that is the case Arsenal would be second in our group so we have to see at the other top teams in the group to see […]

After a match like this it is easy to be a supporter

By Walter Broeckx

I will not deny that we had a poor start to the season. I will not deny that the matches since Anderlecht were not idea in terms of the results if nothing else. Because I thought that we played rather impressively against Manchester United but we were wasteful with the chances that […]