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by Don McMahon

Inspired by an article that Tony recently penned and as a follow-on to my recent articles dealing with the ins and outs of refereeing, I felt it was apropos to present a brief overview of more of the tricky and difficult path an aspiring referee has to travel to get to the […]

Playing Jack as DM midfielder: is he the beast?

By Walter Broeckx

In an article in the Daily Telegraph yesterday under the header: “Jack Wilshere: I want to play in holding role for Arsenal like I do for England, but Arsène Wenger will not let me”.

Now that is what I call an interesting question. Could he? Would he? Can he? Will he?

Playing […]

The Untold tactical preview: UNITED – AND HOW THEY WILL PROBABLY PLAY

By Bob MacDonald

Van Gaal has followed on from Fergie and Moyes in playing quite a strict 4-4-2 formation, though he has changed slightly to a diamond midfield, not that you can actually notice.

The basis in their system is that the wide MF actually play as wingers (here come the Dinasoars) attacking and defending […]