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Untold Referee Review : Swansea – Arsenal

Referee : Phil Dowd


So we had our old friend Phil Dowd in an Arsenal match. Main talking points in the first half:

A possible penalty for Swansea. I know that only a handful of refs will give it against Arsenal and never in favour of Arsenal but when a defender jumps in […]

Only a madman would manage Arsenal; and some of those will say “no”

By Tony Attwood

One of the slightly amusing things one finds when editing Untold are the comments that come in which have either deliberately or accidentally misunderstood the thrust of an article.

Many of these are just so daft, and so regularly from the same people, that I tend to edit them out, but occasionally […]

Wenger out, Klopp out, all out or not for all?

By Walter Broeckx

The media smell blood and want Arsenal supporters to revolt against Arsène Wenger. So they open all registers to open up the attack on our manager.

We have never made it a secret that we support our manager because we think that he deserves our support. Even more in difficult times. Because […]