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We all live in a PGMO dreamland…. well not all

By Walter Broeckx

We have been doing reviews for several years now on Untold Arsenal. So I have a lot of data from the seasons that are behind us and from the current season.

But I also have at my disposal some internal documents from the PGMO. One could say that a good wind blew […]


Don McMahon

in my never-ending eagerness to anticipate potential improvements to the Beautiful Game and at the same time explore what other sports have experimented with or are considering doing, the urge to write a definitive compendium of such ideas and changes has overwhelmed me. So I did an internet search and a bit of […]

So who manages Arsenal after Wenger?

By Tony Attwood (meditating on life to the sound of the waves of the Pacific).

There was a really amusing comment on Untold this week that started along the line of “Wenger is in charge so obviously he is to blame.” When I stopped laughing I deleted it. I mean I do like humour, but […]