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Ref Review: Stoke – Arsenal: who is that voice whispering in my ear….?

By Usama & Walter


COMPETITION: English Premier League MATCH NO. 22 DATE: 17th January 2016 VENUE: Britannia Stadium (Stoke-on-Trent, England) MATCH OFFICIALS: REFEREE: Craig Pawson 1st LINESMAN: David Bryan 2nd LINESMAN: Simon Long 4th OFFICIAL: Mike Dean

First Half

Fouls, Advantages, Cards, and Penalties

Time Foul by Foul For Description & […]

The one Arsenal transfer story that refuses to go away

By Tony Attwood and Sir Hardly Anyone

The Telegraph has just published a poll of readers on the issue of how many players Arsenal need to buy in the next 10 days. The answers

None (The squad is fine as it is) 6% (that includes your two humble writers of this piece) 1-3 (Minor […]

Would you be happy if you heard your son or daughter was working for an international sports body?


By Tony Attwood

In two recent articles on who controls football in England I came up with a list of ten suggestions…

first article in this little series on who controls football in England I came up with my top five entities that actually run football in England and then followed that up with […]

Fifa are said to be looking at illegal Premier League transfers of children. But what are the rules


By Tony Attwood

Back in September 2009 the headline ran, “FIFA and UEFA plan to ban transfers on players under 18 after Chelsea’s punishment over Gael Kakuta”

“Players under the age of 18 could soon be banned from switching clubs,” shouted another headline.

Then Chelsea were suspended from signing any new players until […]

Ref Review : Liverpool – Arsenal and the push in the back

By Usama & Walter


COMPETITION: English Premier League MATCH NO. 21 DATE: 13th January 2016 VENUE: Anfield (Liverpool, England)


REFEREE: Mike Jones 1st LINESMAN: Gary Beswick 2nd LINESMAN: Andy Garratt 4th OFFICIAL: Robert Madley

First Half

Fouls, Advantages, Cards, and Penalties

Time Foul by Foul For Description & […]

Chelsea and Tottenham and the stadium saga. Will they do better than Arsenal?

By Tony Attwood

It was the fact that between the Invincibles Season and the 2014 FA Cup victory Arsenal didn’t win any of the major trophies, which became the central rallying call for the aaa.

Their argument was very much that this was not good enough for Arsenal, and that a […]

The strange case of Adebayor, the miracle football and the missing motivation

By Tony Attwood

There is a somewhat strange article on Football365 today under the headline “Sign him: If Adebayor cares, Adebayor scores” by Sarah Winterburn who I think used to work for Sky Sports and now seems to have moved.

She does that thing of listing all the stuff she says everyone else is talking […]

Ref Review : Arsenal – Newcastle

Please note: if you find this or any of the ref reviews spreads over into the right hand column, and is hidden by the data there, on most computers you can click Ctrl – (ie Control minus) and the zoom will reduce by 10%. The reverse process is Ctrl +



Supposing the world reported in the media had nothing at all to do with the actual world around you…

By Tony Attwood

North Korea is apparently a fairly awful place where the populace is reduced to near starvation as the family that runs the show spends money on itself, its army, its propaganda and nuclear weapons.

How do I know this? Because I read it in the papers and I saw it on TV. […]

How a gap in the story can give a totally misleading vision: the youngsters who don’t make it at Arsenal.

By Tony Attwood

The big issues concerning transfers don’t just relate to getting the player to transfer, doing the deal with the agent, doing the deal with the other club etc etc, but also what happens thereafter. You don’t see many articles that discuss issues like

a) Will the player settle into the team?

b) […]

Stoke – Arsenal: not losing and keeping your best players fit was the task

By Walter Broeckx

Sorry for not being able to do my usual match report for the match at Stoke. But I couldn’t have bettered the excellent report Tony put on line after the match.

I usually watch my matches with the sound as low as possible. Not completely muted but in such a way so […]

The second deal of the transfer window is just on done

By Sir Hardly Anyone

The world of the bloggettas are getting frantic. The first deal is done and dusted, but where is the second deal? (And just in case you don’t want to wade through all the nonsense, the really naughty one is at the end).

Arsenal Set To Complete Second Signing For This […]

Stoke v Arsenal. A full, comprehensive, all-inclusive and detailed report on the match.

As Walter can’t do the regular report, I thought I might have a go.


Kick boo cheat jeer boo shout abuse kick push cheat boo kick shout jeer push kick complain kick jeer shout push abuse complain kick boo cheat jeer boo shout abuse kick push cheat boo kick shout jeer push kick complain […]

The Rugby Team v Arsenal. Will we survive with legs intact?

Over 6 million page views in the past year.

If you are interested in the development of Untold, there’s a bit more on the home page.

And other announcement before we get going: there will be no post match report for the Stoke game as Arsenal Belgium are holding their AGM after […]

Who controls football in England? Part 2 of our series looks at the League, FA, Fifa, Uefa and advertisers


Over 6 million page views in the past year – see the home page for more info.

By Tony Attwood

In the first article in this little series on who controls football in England I came up with my top five entities that actually run football in England…

TV stations […]

Exposed: the biggest lie of them all. New stats show Arsenal injuries have been below average all season.

By Tony Attwood

The argument hasn’t just been that Arsenal has had lots of injuries, but rather that

a) they had more than anyone else

b) it is all Wenger’s fault.

The second follows from the first, because if it ever turned out that Arsenal didn’t suffer more with injuries than anyone else, then there […]

Who did Petr Čech share the Golden Glove with? Who played when we knocked our Real Madrid? Be careful in your assumptions.



He screams out, so loud that Mike Dean comes to his house, sees him in an Arsenal shirt and give him a red card for a violent conduct.

by Josif

Some football clubs have a history book thicker and bigger than others. Some of those books […]

Stoke v Arsenal Sun 17 Jan 2016 – The Match Officials and the return of Dean (despite the petition)

by Andrew Crawshaw

Here is the Table of Shame updated following the Newcastle review

Wrong Important Decisions Favouring Arsenal Favouring Opponents 2nd Yellow Cards 1 23 Red Cards 1 10 Penalties 2 15 Goals 0 8 Total 4 56 Possible Cost in Points 0 11

Plenty of mistakes by Anthony Taylor, virtually all in Newcastle’s […]

Is Stan Kroenke trying to move Arsenal out of the Emirates?

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

I do love the stories the bloggettas publish. They brighten up my day. They make me smile. Guffaw sometimes even. Snigger a bit. That sort of thing.

Now most of these odd tales, as you may have noted if you regularly read my august column herein, focus on transfers, but today […]

Mohamed Elneny: a very very warm welcome.

By Walter Broeckx

A warm welcome to Arsenal to Mohamed Naser Elsayed Elneny. that is his name in full. But Mohamed Elneny will do just fine I think. Or would Mo be also good enough? That is how Mohameds that I know are mostly called by their friends. Or Mou but that sounds too much […]

7 reasons Olivier Giroud must ditch Olivier Giroud and other amusing quotes from the press

By a rather smug Tony Attwood

Untold is a web site that takes sides. A web site that presents a case. A web site that quite often gets things horribly wrong. But a web site that by and large sticks to its ground.

As with the last post – the one about Spanish clubs […]

Exactly as Untold predicted: Real Mad and Atlético Mad banned from signing players; but Arsenal do make a deal

Arsenal sign Mohamed Elneny while Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid are banned from buying players

By Tony Attwood

Exactly as Untold has been reporting for nearly a year, two more Spanish clubs have been banned from signing players in the next two transfer windows.

This follows on from the year long ban which serial child […]

Be strong enough to be yourself.

by ARSENAL 13.

ARSENAL still sit top of the league equal with Leicester on points, still 3 clear of Manchester City (supposedly our main rival for the title) just as we were before last night’s games. And seven points clear of the little chickens (in the 4th place) who for no obvious reasons finish […]

Liverpool – Arsenal : 3-3 it sure was entertaining

By Walter Broeckx

Arsenal made 5 changes compared to the team that started the last match.

Mertesacker and Monreal came back in the team and Gabriel and Gibbs went back to the bench. In midfield Ramsey, Flamini and Özil were back in the team. This at the expence of Chambers, Iwobi and Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Team that […]

Liverpool! v Arsenal: a clash of two cultures, two approaches, two visions, one exclamation mark.

By Bulldog Drummond

For most members of the aaa I imagine that Liverpool is their ideal club. They change managers quite regularly, and they buy, buy and buy again, player after player after player.

Since they last won the league in 1990 they have had seven managers. Since that last league […]