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October 2008

Arsenal should lead the fight against the FA

So now we know what the official FA line is on the abuse by Tottenham supporters of Sol Campbel. After the police refused to act, and the FA said that the situation should go back to Portsmouth for them to make a complaint, and Portsmouth saying they can’t act unless Sol makes a complaint, David […]

West Ham are attacking their supporters away to the right

There are moments in life where words are not enough.

However that’s never stopped me before, and it won’t today.

If you have had a chance to see Ramsey’s goal against Inkyland in the under 21’s game, or if you took in the highly competent displays in the reserves by Bischoff and Coquelin you’ll know […]

They turned the tide of the game on its head

Fulham, home of the Knightsbridge Store, have found they are not immune to the end of money as a method of exchange, and the change over to the goat and the packet of tea as units of currency.

They have to sort out their finances since Fortis Bank (their banker of choice), was nationalised by […]

A big fish in a small fry

As capitalism comes to an end, and the spivs lurk on corners preparing to mug old ladies as they walk home to unheated houses, their life savings destroyed by men who even how are demanding billion pound bonuses for attempting to get us out of the mess they got us into, so there is more […]

Ryan Giggs has taken on the mantelpiece

I said my bit about that Rio Ferdinand, in a post earlier today.

But I failed to mention the front cover of the current edition of Private Eye’s “Colemanballs” series.

It is a quote from Rio Ferdinand, speaking on Radio 5 Live.

“Gary Neville was captain, and now Ryan Giggs has taken on the mantelpiece.”


Something nasty this way comes

And that something is… Rio Ferdinand.

This is the man who says ‘Croatia were fined a few thousand quid. What good is that? It’s not going to stop people shouting racist or homophobic abuse.’ but who remains utterly silent about the abuse given to Sol Campbell.

Then he says that we are all being very […]

Can the Lord Wenger travel in time?

I have often pondered the notion that the Lord Wenger has god-like powers but now I am forced to add to his abilities the fact that he can see into the future.

As one with a degree in economics we might expect him to have some insight into the collapse of capitalism but when you […]

Liverpool in financial meltdown

Blimey – I write a bit about the financial situation and how Liverpool Insolvency might be in trouble, and the next thing you know, they are on the brink.

Liverpool (to recap) can only pay the interest on their loans by constantly being in the final stages of the Champs League. Without that income they […]

Tiny Totts doomed in economic crisis

When it comes to economic comment the Guardian tends to be fairly sound. Here they are on the Liverpool situation.

“Liverpool are very heavily in debt and do not own a cash-generative stadium. If they do not qualify for next year’s Champions League group stage – which, even if they do not progress, provides a […]

WHU at the very top of the chaos league

The Chaos League is one of those little inventions from Untold Arsenal along with the Curse of Arsenal (see our stories on Birmingham City and WC Milan for details) which help pass the lonely hours when players forget who pays them and wander off to play games against other players doing the same thing. And […]

Usmanov on the fence

Mr Usmanov, the Russian billionaire who holds quite a lot of Arsenal shares but who seems to have stopped trying to buy the whole club has returned to his earlier lover of fencing.

He has announced that once again he will contest the election to be president of the International Fencing Federation.

If he […]

The week that will define the future of football

As I write, the FA are supposedly thinking about what they might do about the racist and homophobic abuse that Sol Campbell suffers every time fans of the Tiny Totts come across him. The latest incident was last weekend, when he faced abuse at least as bad as that dished out by Croatian fans in […]

You want central midfielders? We got two more

Bischoff and Coquelin – both played for about an hour in the reserve game vs Stoke City – Bischoff went off first after around 55 minutes – presumably a sensible precaution for a guy who hasn’t played for a year or whatever it is. Coquelin: I don’t know why he went off – but we […]

If you think this week doesn’t matter…. think again

International weeks, blah blah. Boring, except two big things are happening.

First something stirs in the Reserves, because at last our defensive midfielder – the one everyone was screaming for through the summer – is playing.

Oh yes (as John Major used to say). Amaury Bischoff is playing in the Reserves against Stoke tonight.

That […]

Sir Alex speaks with Mr Wenger

It is perhaps not surprising that in recent month Sir Alex F-Word’s relationship with the Lord Wenger seems to have changed, and we have witnessed the two in conversation. Reports from international conferences suggest that this is happening more and more and that they are spending time huddled together in corners…. chatting.

The reason is […]

Maybe the evil of the Tinies will now be dealt with

At last we are getting somewhere. Portsmouth have finally – five days after the event – have said they will now make a complaint to the Sweet FA over the abuse aimed at Sol Campbell during last Sunday’s Portsmouth vs Tiny Totts game.”Both Sol and the club feel no player should be subjected to personal […]

Does humour have a place in football?

Having just picked myself off the ground over the last post on this site (which of course I didn’t write – I just reprinted the press conference), I finally made it to the Guardian where there is the result of their on-line poll.

Question: Can the Tiny Totts make it into the top 6 by […]

“You are ******* so ******* slimy”

If you have read one or two of my little meanders through the footballing backwaters you might recall that occasionally I try to crack a joke or two. Sometimes it works, and sometimes I get accused of being a twat, and far worse. That’s how it goes.

These little ideas just occur to me from […]

A new Chief for the Arse, more problems for the Tinies.

It seemed that Arsenal were going to announce the new “director of transfer negotiations” (or some similar title) sometime around now, but now it seems it won’t happen.

Paul Donovan left Vodafone (a company forever tainted with its associated with Manchester Bankrupts) and there was talk that he was the […]

FA still taking no action against Tottenham

It is still unclear how Tottenham will be punished (if at all) for the racist and homophobic abuse against Sol Campbell last weekend.

The police refused to act at the time, saying there were too many supporters involved in the action against Sol Campbell for them to be able to make arrests. They asked the […]