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Not El Classico; El London/Mancs Run-In

By Tony Attwood

The odds that you can get on someone other than Barcelona or Real Mad getting the championship or runners’ up slot in Spain must be huge, not just for next season, but the season after and the season after and…

With their tax advantages, state or local authority funding, and 100% of […]

Fulham 0 Arsenal 1; the league table.

Fulham v Arsenal

Here’s what matters:

Home Away Pos. Team P W D L GF GA W D L GF GA GD Pts 1 Madmen Untidy 33 14 0 2 40 17 12 3 2 35 18 40 81 2 Madchester Other 32 12 3 1 36 11 8 5 3 22 16 31 68 […]

Fulham v Arsenal. An underwater game with no point 8.

By Billy the Dog McGraw

Fulham is a diminutive principality on London’s north coast, and is the only football ground in London which is built underwater. [It isn’t – they are building a stand over the water you stupid turnip.] The club is run by the ghost of Henry Norris, who after he took over […]

Calciopoli – Could it happen in the Premier League? – Part 1

By Walter Broeckx

As you know I have been talking a lot about referees on this site and on our website Referee Decisions.

As I have gained the feeling that there is something rotten in the state of football in the PL, I have tried to gather as much data as possible on as many […]

Club finances

By Tony Attwood

Does the amount of money a club receives, or the amount that it pays to players actually make a difference to where the club is in the league and the success that it has?

Using the latest accounts figures, following a chart in the Guardian newspaper I’ve just extracted two figures from […]

How knowing who the referee is can help you beat the bookies. Mike Dean: a case study

by Walter Broeckx

Next in our series about the refs we come to Untold Arsenal’s most unpopular ref: Mr. Mike Dean.

As I have said before this and the other articles are primarily meant as a potentially handy instrument which you could use if you are a gambling man or woman.

When you gamble and […]

What is wrong with PL refs? Case study: Clattenburg

by Walter Broeckx

Hi all, after being exiled from the Untold websites because of the Zombies attack I’m back now and will try to work further on the referees and their results with all the teams who are currently in the PL.

So what is the meaning of this article and the others about the […]

Be careful in wishing for new owners

By Tony Attwood

One of the great assumptions made by people who wish for major change at Arsenal is that a new owner is bound to be better than the existing owner.

Unfortunately there is not much evidence around to suggest that this might always be the case. While Chelsea supporters will be pleased […]

Back to the 1950s.

By Tony Attwood

As an experiment it was interesting, got the passions boiling, and provided for the sort of entertainment that took us back to the sort of games that used to feature in the Third Division North. Workington v Barrow springs to mind.

But I’m not sure that the normal approach of players […]

Arsenal v Everton. Jack or no Jack? Podolski? Cappuccino?

By Billy the Zombie Dog


So its Arsenal v Everton [I think we know that Billy – Ed]

Our line up perhaps, possibly, could be, maybe…


Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Monreal;

Arteta, Ramsey

Cazorla, Rosicky,

Walcott, Giroud.

Lukasz Fabianski got a kick in […]

Untold goes where nobody else goes. And just look what we found…

Untold goes where nobody else goes. Apart from a few happy few of course…

By Walter Broeckx

First of all if you might be wondering about the fact that I didn’t publish articles or comment on the Untold website for a few days, it is down to the fact that the internet for an unknown […]

The first transfer deal of the summer (!) has been done, as we prepare for sticky toffee.

By Tony Attwood

Next up Everton

These days Arsenal ask readers of their web site to vote for their man of the match, and after the Norwich game they gave the honour to Aaron Ramsey. Which is quite amazing when you think how he was seen by the AAA just a few months ago.

It […]

Where did all the injuries go? Where did all the policemen go? Where did all the rules go?

By Tony Attwood

It is so annoying when things go missing.

There was a time when the dominant focus of this blog, before and after each Arsenal match, seemed to be injuries. They just piled up week after week, month after month. Often there were ten members of the first team squad out, and yet […]

Wembley violence. It is time to act now.

By Tony Attwood

The Football Association can always be relied on to do the same thing when something goes wrong at a match that they organise. They blame someone else. Never once have I heard the FA, who (obviously) run the FA Cup and who own Wembley say, “Yep, it was our fault, we […]

Sneering at the crowd and complaining about incompetence. Norwich come to town

By Tony Attwood

You have to hand it to Norwich supporters – they took up the maximum alocation, made a lot of noise, and (although it is hard for me to tell being diagonally opposite their position) even indulged in an ironic version of one of our chants (how extremely post-modern! How Bayern!)

We […]

Arsenal v Norwich. Billy the Dog ventures forth.

By Billy The Dog McGraw

Now in theory I am going to the Arsenal with our chum Drew – he of the occasional comment and upstanding member of the Arsenal History Society and AISA committee, is having his birthday party tonight – fancy dress and all – and that may make getting up in the […]

Hodgson: nice man, wrong planet

By Tony Attwood

Poor Roy. Everyone says how nice he is. At all the clubs he has conducted himself correctly and reasonable. So WTF is he doing managing the utterly unmanageable England? Or come to that working for the appalling Fifa-ingratiating racist by association, FA.

He talks about how Premier League players for whom […]

How people make money by betting on Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

Virtually everyone seems to agree there is match fixing in football, and everyone (apart from those who do it) agrees by and large that it should be stopped.

Unfortunately in examining these matters, no one in the media seems to want to take up the point of view that Untold has […]

So what is wrong with the PL Refs: Case study Atkinson

By Walter Broeckx

After having finished the articles in which we tried to find out under whom the teams did better than usual (or to see under which ref they have a bad to terrible win record) we now are going to have another look at those numbers but looking at it from the point […]

Five big signings for Arsenal – and one of them is already here

By Tony Attwood

The trouble is, all these guys in this article were being talked about yesterday or the day before, but I was a bit busy so didn’t put this together. Which means that in the way the transfer rumour market now works this is all old news and therefore won’t happen until everyone […]

So what is wrong in the PL: The Mike Riley Factor

By Walter Broeckx

In the last few weeks we have shown you how for each team we could make a division between good and bad refs based on the win percentage of each team.

In those articles I also referred on a few occasions to not only the numbers themselves but also I pointed at […]

Arsenal receive amazing boost in their drive for a European place

By Walter Broeckx

Looking at the headline you may think that we have bought a player outside the transfer window and who for some unexplainable reason is to be allowed to play in the remaining fixtures. Or that all our competitors suddenly are ill, sick, injured and all have to play their U15 side for […]

Untold Psychology: Why doing something is good for you

The Result of Doing Something

By Dave C

The constant attacks from naysayers is invariably the result of someone actually doing something.

In such circumstances, when something is done, people come from far and wide to criticize, because they have a void to fill. They think they know more than you. They think they can […]

The links between Uefa, Fifa, the Mafia and organised religion


Don McMahon

FIFA, and to a lesser extent EUFA, are often perceived as being mafia-like, totalitarian organizations.

It is no surprise that there are certain common elements to both bodies, as well a similarity to worldwide groups such as religious organisations If you compare the characteristics below against those of […]

Wigan and the refs. You won’t believe what we’ve found

by Walter Broeckx

Next in our series as we cover each and every Premier League team we have Wigan which if you don’t mind will from now on call just Wigan. I hope you forgive me a little joke as we are now at the end of this part of looking at the refs in […]