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Before we start warming up for the warm ups there is a total absolute cock up

By Tony Attwood

You possibly didn’t know that there was a match on tonight – not unless you are a close follower of Scottish football.

But yes, the extra, pre-qualifying, qualifying round of the pre-qualifying extra round tournament before the Europa League is already underway. In fact tonight was the second leg.

And one result […]

Alexandre Lacazette: all you need to know and some things you probably don’t

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Sorry about the formatting on the original publication of this post. It looked all right at first and then went very odd. I have removed the offending text now.

OK the story is that he is at the training centre and having a medical. So what do we know of the […]

Why the way football is reported is both insulting and incredibly dangerous

by Tony Attwood

There was an editorial in the German magazine Der Spiegel a few months back about the leaders of Turkey and the United States, which says, roughly, “Erdogan and Trump are positioning themselves as the only ones capable of truly understanding the people and speaking for them. It’s their view that freedom of […]

The Arsenal quiz books that will fry your brain, blow your mind and give a lot of fun.

By Tony Attwood

I have to admit it: I am a sucker for quizzes. Science quizzes, general knowledge quizzes, political quizzes, history quizzes, and of course Arsenal quizzes.

Which is why finding out that there was a second volume of Graham Lister’s “Never mind the Gunners: The Ultimate Arsenal Quiz Book” caused me to smile, […]

The transfer tale that you’ll never believe, and the only transfer column you can totally trust

With today’s guest publication: The Carrick Fergus Times

By Sir Hardly Anyone

One of the wonderful things we discovered last year in running this series on summer transfers was that an English paper (say the Daily Express) would quote the source of a story as being a Spanish newspaper. Then if one went […]