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The five factors that reveal there’s something very wrong with football (and Arsenal)

By Tony Attwood

This little piece contains brief details about five things that I think are indeed wrong with football, but which most people in the media seem to find ok – except when it involves knocking Arsenal of course.

1: Drugs in football? Who cares?

Drugs testing is treated as irrelevant nonsense in […]

The strange history of the Arsenal Debenture Bonds, and how they operate today

By Ian Brookes

Towards the back end of the 1990/91 season Arsenal announced the launch of a new Debenture Bond scheme. The idea of the scheme was to assist in the funding of the development of the North Bank following the Taylor Report post Hillsborough.

The Bonds were known as “A” and “B”. An A […]

Dramatic change in approach to transfers appears to be affecting the market


Seven Transfers Arsenal are said to be involved in, and the changes noticed in the pre-transfer talk.


By Sir Hardly Anyone

The notion of a transfer index which charts all the players said by the media to be coming to or going from Arsenal, was of course set up to show […]