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Alexandre Lacazette. Why him? Did Arsenal really need a clinical striker?  


An article by Zuruvi

I am really happy that Arsenal has listened to some of us who have been publishing articles and comments here on Untold Arsenal requesting that Le Prof Arsene Wenger acquires a top clinical central striker to complement the efforts of Giroud. Giroud is a good player but we wanted an […]

Arsenal start clearing out the unwanted players while rebuilding the management structure

By Sir Hardly Anyone

In my earlier note (see links at the foot of this piece) I took a look at a range of players we are about to sign “allegedly”, and so now here is part two: all the players we are losing one way or another.

1: Per Mertesacker

The story is that […]

Arsenal prepare for 3rd big transfer, before the selling starts

By Sir Hardly Anyone

There is a growing feeling that Arsenal’s summer plan is running exactly according to plan. The third big transfer is getting close and then there is still plenty of time to sell those whom the club wants to sell. It is running like a well oiled machine.

Except this is Arsenal. […]