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Arsenal, Lemar, Di Maria, Mbappe, Draxler, Alexis. The tangled web is about to unfold. Are you ready?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

This really is a perfect message for people who argue that Wenger is an idiot, Arsenal are slow, and any and every other manager this side of Sirius B could complete the deals that Arsenal need.

Here we go.

Arsenal have agreed a deal with Monaco for Lemar for £92m


The tale of the sale of the ox, and how Arsenal played the market

By Tony Attwood

Apparently the Ox has signed for Liverpool, and that takes me back to a comment that several writers sent in yesterday following our regular update on the transfer rumours

Who cares about how many players the press thinks are leaving or joining arsenal. More importantly, have you actually got anything to say […]

Today’s theme of the day: Arsenal feeds fans lies! We have proof!! Shock Horror!!!

By Tony Attwood

When these little themes emerge they tend to flourish like wildfire. Here’s one from “Suburban Gooners”, a blogetta. Sorry about the odd punctuation, I’ve copied it exactly.

I support Arsenal: I have been lied to

Hello. How are you doing? Hopefully you are holding up ok? Given the […]

So with one day to go, who is still in our 25 man senior Squad?

by Andrew Crawshaw

Additional commentary by Tony Attwood

This list is, I hope, correct as at 15:27 on Wednesday before the transfer window shuts tomorrow

Player Position Homegrown 1 Mathieu Debuchy RB N 2 Per Mertesacker CB N 3 Laurent Koscielny CB N 4 Alexis Sanchez Forward N 5 Andre Lacazette Striker N 6 Lucas […]

Football enters the end of the rule of law, as a new French Revolution might be on the cards

By Tony Attwood

There was a moment, when Manchester City were found by Uefa to have broken FFP rules, when it looked very much as if the club could not believe it. Which I guess is to be expected if the club is part of the personal fiefdom of the rulers of a phenomenally wealthy […]

The list of every one of the 40 players tipped to be leaving Arsenal this summer.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Yes the list now covers 40 players who are apparently leaving the club. And I’d better reassure you straight away, that not all of them actually did leave.

What is interesting however is that several players have left without ever once being mentioned by the wild ravings of journalists either in […]

Six (yes really, six) new players about to sign for Arsenal

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

The pundits and tipsters, and the drunks at the bar, have made a pretty fair hash of predicting who Arsenal are signing and selling this summer, but with just a short while to go one might hope their information might at least be right by now.

And yet, I suspect maybe […]

What is wrong with Arsenal, what is wrong with football and how to put it all right

by Tony Attwood

I was invited yesterday by one reader, to express my view on what I would do about Arsenal following the start to the season of one win and two defeats.

In one sense I wanted to say, “read Untold Arsenal and you’ll see what I think,” but then I thought I would […]

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Do you have to be passionate to be a football supporter? A note to the psychologist.

Dear Billy,

How you doing?

Given the number of people who wrote in after my piece this morning and said they won’t be reading Untold again, I suspect we’re now down to just us few regulars. Just us four then.

Hope you’re doing ok. It’s a beautiful if windy day here in the East Midlands. […]

Exactly how can things get any worse? Turns out it is not too hard.

Article updated 1005 BST, 28 Aug.

By Tony Attwood

There was a moment about half an hour before the end of the Liverpool Arsenal match in which the Radio 5 commentators broke off the commentary to do their normal advertising for the phone in which follows games. However a debate broke out between […]

Liverpool – Arsenal: 4-0

By Walter Broeckx

A few unexpected changes to the starting line up. Holding takes the place of Mustafi who drops to the bench. Bellerin on the left again and The Ox on the right are the wing backs.

The biggest news however comes up front. Alexis making his first start of the season at the […]

Liverpool! vs Arsenal: the teams, and the predicted outcome.

By Bulldog Drummond

It is hard to say who has the tougher game this afternoon – Tottenham having to play again at Wembley against Burnley, or Arsenal away to a much hyped Liverpool!

With regards Tottenham, Untold’s research into what happens to clubs when they move grounds seems on the basis of the first match […]

Liverpool’s! recent runs of form and their difficulties with maintaining a good season

By Bulldog Drummond

It is rather amusing that in the days of the forced selling of RVP and others, everyone moaned that we sold. Now there are some who cannot grasp the fact that Arsenal don’t want to sell and can hold on to the players. Having Alexis for another season on his current […]

Liverpool! v Arsenal. Obviously we don’t stand a chance, but still… Absolute Power is established.

By Bulldog Drummond

There are many reasons why Arsenal have no chance. We’re rubbish in that we couldn’t beat Stoke, we’re 11th in the League behind the mighty West Brom, Watford and Huddersfield, and Liverpool are already five places ahead of us.

Plus there is total shock and horror that Arsenal “will start against […]

With with Arsenal there is always one simple answer which everyone can see except Arsenal.

By Tony Attwood

I spent part of Friday evening travelling the Midland Motorway system (or car park as it is often known) making the journey from East Midlands (where I live) to West Midlands (where a dance was being held).

Fortunately the traffic was flowing fairly easily for a Friday (I got up to 10 […]

Liverpool v Arsenal Sunday 27 August 2017 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

If we were in any doubt about the direction of refereeing for the season last week’s exhibition reminded us of the state of play regarding the PGMO. How an experienced referee can look at an incident with an uninterrupted view from less than 15 yards away and not award a penalty for […]

Arsenal in the Europa League draw: who we got.

We did the speculation, and now here is the result hot off the little balls (as it were).

Our group is

Arsenal Red Star Belgrade BATE Borisov Cologne

We’ll have background and details later today. But in the meantime if you want to give some insights on any of those teams please feel free.



Who Arsenal can play in the Europa, plus who to avoid and funny foreign names

By Billy the Dog McGraw, our Europa correspondent and expert on clubs we have never played before.

Billy will be accompanying Arsenal on all their matches as reserve pilot, guide, translator and chief psychologist.

The Europa League group stages like the Champs League has Four Pots none of which are Pol Pot who led […]

The 3 best PL deals this summer, plus both dirty and utterly weird transfer dealings revealed

by Tony Attwood . The Guardian has provided its own lists of the 16 best deals across Europe done so far in this transfer window. I’m not by any means an expert on players across Europe, so I will restrict myself to listing the three out of the 16 that involve a player moving […]

The Loans: two clubs dominate the loan deals this summer. But is it really working for them?

By Tony Attwood

I started the summer thinking I might run four indexes this summer (see note at the end) one of which tracks all the players going out on loan from PL clubs, but the numbers grew so rapidly, and included so many players I hadn’t heard of (meaning I had to keep double […]

Under the surface, football is cracking up. For now it is all being covered up. But soon…

“There is no transfer market any more”. So why are Arsenal buying these eight players?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Earlier this week Mr Wenger spake thus:

“There is no transfer market anymore because the price depends only on the identity of the buyer and when you are English, you have straight away 50 per cent on the price of a player and that makes it difficult to act.” Which raises […]

A big week for Arsenal’s U23s making it two wins out of two

by Andrew Crawshaw

It is a big week in terms of games for the U23s, They faced Manchester City last night at the Emirates, followed by a game on Friday evening at their normal home of Borehamwood against Liverpool. Both matches 19:00 kick-off.

The first game of the season saw Arsenal coming back from a […]

Rooney is world class. As for others like Giroud, just look at his stats. Yes go on, take a look.

By Walter Broeckx

Hurray hurray huuuuuurrayyyyy Wayne Rooney has scored 200 PL goals. This has been a bit of a theme in the media after Rooney scoring a goal against Manchester City on Monday evening.

Now of course scoring 200 PL goals is an amazing achievement. And as I have played against a very young […]