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Bayern describe transfer market as madness and say they don’t want to join in.

By Tony Attwood

While the media in Britain has occasionally hinted that maybe all is not well, most of the time they seem to be enjoying the hyper-inflation of transfer fees that is going on.

But the public in Germany are now being told that Bayern Munich will not participate in the current “madness” of […]

Ridiculing one, praising another. How the media treat Arsenal and Tottenham over building a stadium.

By Walter Broeckx

Ever since the stadium move around 2006 we had a bit of an argument amongst supporters about spending money.

The fact that around that period Chelsea first was spending money as if there is no tomorrow and then were followed by Manchester City a few years later, made it all more difficult.


Injury updates, who’s in favour, Alexis is ill, Elneny’s position, last night’s victory

By Tony Attwood

The latest from the source, (which is to say Arsenal) is that Gabriel is still a few weeks away from returning to training, Jack Wilshere is much closer to returning , there’s no date for Santi yet but he is “getting better every day”, and no one else is injured.

Except that […]