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The Premier League finances are utterly unsustainable. But will Arsenal survive?

By Tony Attwood

There is a problem with the way football is reported in England and it is this. There is always an assumption that how things are now will be how things are next year. Only bigger.

It is curious because serious journalists working in other areas of reporting rarely fall into such a […]

How Arsenal will line up next season: the 4 key tactics that we now know.

by Tony Attwood

Four things are going to be apparent in the team next season:

First, a continuation of the five at the back that was so extraordinarily effective last season, although with the option of suddenly changing, if that seems a good idea.

Second, three creative forwards at the front.

Third the Xhaka – […]

Two Arsenal deals finally done – but one is utterly bizarre. Some good player news & some awful news.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

There have been three big events for Arsenal over the last three days: one good, one amusing, one bad.

1: Elneny

On the good side Elneny has turned out to be a more than decent centre back. Since the media has been screaming about how we leaked goals last season conceding […]