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Arsenal v Chelsea: the preliminaries, the food poisoning, the stories

By Bulldog Drummond

The media will always present games against Chelsea as a foregone conclusion: a Chelsea win – even though Arsenal have won the tie more often than Chelsea.

“Ah,” they say (for they like saying “ah”) “that’s because of the 1930s. If you take recent results you will see Chelsea are way ahead.”


Cup of Nations to be moved; Man City in further tapping up allegations

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal didn’t do too badly when it came to the Africa Cup of Nations last time around – Elneny was called up to play for Egypt, but as he wasn’t seen as central to the team at the time, it wasn’t a departure that was keenly missed.

But it hasn’t always been […]

Arsenal’s use of academy players; club transfer comparisons; use of teenagers.

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal used graduates from their academy more than any other Premier League side last season, a study by the Press Association has found – with the graduates taking part in a tiny fraction under one fifth of the Premier League minutes played.

6,628 of Arsenal’s total Premier League minutes – which […]