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When Leicester’s finances were questioned once, it’s normal. But 3 times on 3 separate issues?

by Tony Attwood

As you may know, if you are a regular reader, Untold takes quite an interest in football finances, and we’ve covered a large number of clubs whose financial matters don’t seem to be 100% as they ought to be. Leeds, Cardiff, Portsmouth… well if you’ve been with us, you’ll know.

In the […]

The Out Index: the 26 (yes 26) players said to be leaving Arsenal this summer.

By Sir Hardly Anyone


Things have slowed down a bit, not least because Arsenal has revealed their hand over who stays and who goes, through their selection of the 25 players to go on the Australia and China tour. Taking a player there and then selling him seems unlikely to say the […]

Which of the top 10 teams of last season has completed the most transfers and who has spent the most?

By Tony Attwood

TV money to Premier League clubs was 45% higher last season than in 2016/17, which explains why every club is, or is expected to be, buying players for prices never previously seen.

In this regular column I try to keep tabs on where exactly that money is going – along with seeing […]