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September 2019
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Would you trust a bankrupt corner store with £600 million of taxpayers’ money

By Tony Attwood

When it comes to England games something strange happens to the reporting. and not just with the delicate way the media handles the FA, suggesting that they might be reasonable decent set of people trying hard to do their job (as opposed to them being a bunch of charlatans happy to […]

Are you a victim of PPP? Don’t suffer in silence, take action!

By Blacksheep

I watched the FA Cup tie against Brighton & Falmer Albion in rather dreary modern pub close to where Tony and I usually meet to travel down to the Emirates. They had the game on their (biggish) screen and it was convenient for hooking up with the twins. There was no sound so […]

Untold internationals (or the interlull as @arseblog calls it!)

As the cleaners move in to tidy up all the shards of glass that were smashed when the transfer window slammed shut we woke up to find we have one extra international footballer. Welcome Danny Wellbeck!

Once before I attempted to see where our current squad would be getting injured while away from Arsenal duty, […]

Say what you see Pat Nevin, say what you don’t Danny Mills

A view of world cup commentators from an Arsenal perspective.

By Rob Lackey

I travel a lot, consequently I usually watch games with foreign commentary or often listen in the car to 5 live. 5 Live can truly suck when it comes to football commentary, but often excels in almost all other areas.

I was […]

The grassroots of football needs supporting. Is the minister waking up?

By Tony Attwood

In the past week we have learned that the FA, when running England’s bid for the world cup, laid on a banquet. The cost of the dinner was around £35,000. This was part of the £25m that the FA spent on the bid, which ultimately got two votes – one of which […]

Yet another international tournament. It is time to stand up and say “f*** off Uefa”

By Tony Attwood

Uefa is considering launching a nine division European league for nations, colonies and territories. It claims the games of the new league can be played in the periods set aside at the moment for friendly matches, but there looks like every chance of this being another thin edge of a very […]

Untold International review: the world cup qualifiers from an Arsenal perspective

I’ve been thinking about doing this for some time but with the arrival of Mesut Ozil I’ve suddenly got more interested in the upcoming World Cup qualifiers on Friday and Tuesday, and how they affect Arsenal players.So her goes…the European fixtures * (I don’t think any AFC Players are involved any further afield..) Friday […]

“A world class organisation with a winning mentality” (that’s the FA, not Untold Arsenal)

With over 2000 followers: Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

By Tony Attwood

The government of the UK has given the governing body of English football until the end of February to sort itself out. Talk about the blind leading the blind…

The threat behind the demand is that the FA will be […]

Arsenal have opened Pandora’s Box

Arsenal have opened Pandora’s Box

Don McMahon

Following the departure of Cesc Fabregas for a derisory sum of around 30M Euro after add-ons, with Barca’s mocking confirmation that they robbed us, and with the sale of Samir Nasri to City for 25M sterling, there were innumerable cries of outrage and dismay from the British media,punditry […]

Ryo Miyaichi: who checks the passport. Oh no oh no oh no!!!

Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal have been using Ryo Miyaichi in their friendlies this season – and yet he does not appear to qualify to play in the UK. So what’s going on?

The first possibility is that somehow during his time in the Netherlands he picked up a […]

At the Morning Lark nothing much happened

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By Tony Attwood

After about a week in France with no access to the internet, or the English media, I return with the thought that something ought to […]

Record losses, and disaster awaits. The Premier League crisis

By Tony Attwood

The 20 clubs in the Premier League were very careless last year. And I mean very careless.

I mean if lose a £5 note I am fairly pissed off. And these guys lost 100 million times that amount between them. £25 million per club on average. Lost. Gone. Down the plug. Vanished. […]

Why it’s not the same for Jack despite the claims

By Walter Broeckx

So Jack Wilshere has been included in the -21 squad that will represent England on the European Championship this summer. I wish England and Jack all the best.

As we all know Wenger is against Jack being called up for this tournament. Because it would mean that Wilshere will have no real […]

From when is not winning the FA cup worrying?

By Walter Broeckx

In another article I tried to find out when we should win the league to keep up with our own history books and records. And I tried to do the same thing for the other teams in the PL.

Today I will do the same but for the FA cup. As the […]

Tottenham, anti-Semitism, the FA, the League, the police, and the fans

By Tony Attwood

In 2008 Hampshire police announced the investigating of racial and homophobic abuse directed by Tottenham fans towards Sol Campbell at a Portsmouth v Tottenham game.

The police said they would report the matter to the Football Association because it was not possible to make arrests due to the sheer numbers chanting.


Why did Arsenal have to play 3 games in 6 days?

Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

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By Walter Broeckx

The draw at Wigan is still upsetting some Arsenal fans. Wenger is blamed for the changes he made. And in a way of course it is Wenger who is to blame as he made the decision.

And some Arsenal […]

England, Fifa, FA, corruption, incompetence. The ancien régime approaches its end.

Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

Untold Arsenal on Facebook here

By Tony Attwood

So what does England really do about this world cup stuff?

There are some interesting options such as

1: Get deep inside Fifa and try to reform what must be the most corrupt sporting body ever seen on the […]

Why do Chelsea only have 19 players? How to manipulate the 25 rule

By Tony Attwood

No one quite knows the best way to react to the new 25 rule, and looking at the official data to emerge from the EPL it is clear that the clubs have simply made occasional adjustments to their squads to fit the new rules.

What I haven’t seen elsewhere is an analysis […]

Will failed England turn to Arsenal’s golden generation? Of course not.

For England, that was the Golden Generation. Actually the last two world cups and the euro thing in the middle were the tournaments of the Golden Generation. England were about to win everything.

After it was all over in South Africa, Sir Trevor Brooking, the FA’s director of football, made a statement. He comes across […]

Billy the Dog McGraw interviews the England manager. Exclusive!

Introduction by Billy McGraw…

I met Maximillian Alexandra Magenta Cappuccino at Askadors, the infamous nightclub in northern Wembley just off the North Circular Road, where FA officialdom meet their secretaries for debate on attacking manoeuvres, defensive structures, and the thrust of everyday footballing matters.

There was something bleak about his looks, rather as if he […]

Theo and Jack: when they come knocking, just say “No!”

“They are evil, dreadful, disgusting, moronic, the lowest of the low.”

By Tony Attwood

England’s “golden generation” have now had their final, finest hour. As the great guru, Sir Trevor Brooking, the FA’s director of Brooking, said recently, “There is an immediate void in the standard of the team. World Cup 2014 will be difficult […]