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May 2009

Invented Arsenal stories + a rundown of all the clubs that have gone bust

After those of us with a bit too much time on our hands gave the Mirror and News of the World a bit of a run around over their “Everyone wants to leave Arsenal” campaign, they’ve retaliated twice – once with the old-fashioned “snub” standby, and now today with with Wenger clearout story.

The “snub” […]

29 May: anniversary of Heysel Riot

It is always right to remember the lives of those who have gone before us, and to honour their memory. Liverpool FC and its supporters do this with great dignity in relation to the deaths of their fans in Sheffield.

But I fear that in Britain, the country where I live, we do treat disasters […]

Arsenal make 2 signings, & Hleb enters the desert

The first summer deals are now being announced. As a starter, Cheltenham have confirmed that 15 year old Jamie Edge will join Arsenal immediately.

Edge has come through Cheltenham’s youth programme and has been playing for Arsenal in an under-16 tournament in Italy.

Chairman Paul Baker told the club’s website, “Cheltenham Town have reached […]

“I will kick him; I will kick him” – Alan Green last night

It is tempting to say it has been a bad week for the BBC – looking stupid over totally ignoring the FA Youth Cup Final and now having their lead football reporter threaten violence against a fellow journalist while broadcasting.

But I fear the powers in the BBC don’t even recognise any of this as […]

Arsene Wenger’s Magical Embryo Farm Part 2

Arsene Wenger’s Magical Embryo Farm Part 2 By Jonny Neale

Over the coming weeks I plan to focus on a few specific, lesser known, young players in detail. However, to kick things off, I’d like to offer an overview of what we presently have at our disposal, as a club. This is not intended to […]

Arsenal win 5th major trophy of season

After the women’s team team won the FA Cup, the League Cup and of course the League, the youth team continued the story by adding the Youth Cup to their winning of the Academy League.

The second leg of the FA Youth Cup final was won 2-1 against a Liverpool team that showed what we […]

Arsene Wenger’s Magical Embryo Farm

Arsene Wenger’s Magical Embryo Farm By Jonny Neale

As we head into the silly season, replete with transfer rumours both in and out, acrimonious boardroom tales and disgruntled players all whipped up to a venomous froth by Fleet Street’s poisonous pens, I think it is worth pausing and taking stock. Reminding ourselves of what has […]

Arsenal 25 Stoke 4; Wenger left in no doubt

As the goal attempts total above suggests, it was a stroll in the park. The pro-Wenger ensemble which dominates the crowd at the Ems left no one in any doubt – among those at the matches there is total support for Wenger. “One Arsene Wenger” was heard over and over – and he got the […]

This Sunday we’ll tell Arsene Wenger what we think of him

The first rule of journalism is fill you spacce with the official line – cos if you don’t someone else will take your space, and you might be asked again. The second rule of journalism is never apologise, never explain. So it is that as it has become utterly clear that only a handful of […]

BBC embarrassed as truth behind anti-Wenger campaign revealed

The BBC has taken the decision that last nights FA Youth Cup final in front of around 34,000 spectators did not take place.

There was no mention of it at all in the first hour of its saturday morning news show on BBC Radio 5 Live, no mention of it on its teletext sports pages […]

Hull City management face FA disrepute charge

Arsenal have called on the Football Association to charge Hull City with wasting FA time, and the time of Arsenal FC, its officials, legal staff and players.  The call comes at a time when the FA is investigating how to respond to charges made by Hull, and which are now seen never to have had […]

Very Young Arsenal to take on northern team.

The last time our youth team lost a match was back in December. For most of the season they have sauntered through the opposition, usually on open fields in front of a handful of respectful parents and the club’s coaches. And they won the league.

So stunning is this youth team some of the names […]

Exclusive interview with ex-Arsenal Bentley

To celebrate Anorak Friday, Untold Arsenal met ex-Arsenal and ex-Blackburn superstar Aaron Fortesque Bentley, who is now knocking them in and laying them low for Hottentot Reservoirs in their crowd filled arena at Leyton Ointment. Untold Arsenal asked Mr Bentley if he was enjoying his current stint as a working foot-baller.

U-A: Are you enjoying […]

Arsene’s war chest: £42.7m + any summer sales

Most EPL clubs buy players with borrowed money or the owner’s petrodollars. Arsenal are different – the money available for buying comes from profit generated by success and sales.

Put another way, the basic income from TV, marketing and games goes to pay the mortgage and the salaries. The purchases come from other sources. At […]

Re-writing Arsenal’s past

There is obviously a huge campaign at the moment to re-write Arsenal’s recent past as part of an attempt to get the Lord Wenger to leave.

But since every other journalist and blogger is following that story I thought I’d go someplace different and mention another area in which the attack on Arsenal’s heritage can […]

Victory through harmony: the practical strategy

By Nahn Lee

Well said, Terence

Victory through harmony is now not only a matter of renewing belief for supporters. It’s a practical strategy to strengthen the club, as originally intended.

I feel that “internal battles” between sections of the club are merely a convenient media method of dramatizing things – to make people believe […]

Time to Collectively Renew Our Faith

By Terence McGovern

Allow me to begin by saying that I am not generally given to despair on any level or indeed on any particular issue, regardless of the severity of the crisis that may present itself. That said, I have found the events of the last few […]

Unholy alliance formed to oust Wenger

A small number of Arsenal supporters who dislike Arsene Wenger, Tottenham and KGB Fulham supporters happy to stir up any discontent inside the Emirates, UEFA dogsbodies who dislike the big clubs’ success, and national newspapers always looking for a story that needs no research, have combined to try and disrupt the current Arsenal regime.

Having […]

What Mr Wenger said at the shareholders’ meeting

Every day this site gets about 10 or 15 comments which I don’t publish.

Quite a few are in Russian (honest!) and I can’t allow them through because I can’t read the lingo so I don’t know what they are about. I suppose they are attracted by the fact that I renamed Chelsea to KGB […]

Arsenal seem to have too many forwards

It may be too much to be true, but when the Times ran their insanely insane and pathetically stupidly ludicrous story that Pat Rice was going to retire from the club, I just wondered – had we caused that?

Since Untold Arsenal and its 60,000 readers ran the slightly amusing little piece predicting all the […]

Football on the edge of collapse (except Arsenal)

I used to think Keith Harris had a puppet called Orville, but actually he is the man acted as the go-between between clubs such as West Iceland United, Manchester Arab and KGB Fulham and their current owners – setting up the deals to transfer ownership. (Keith Harris’ web site says, KEITH HARRIS is one of […]

New “home grown” quota no problem for Arsenal

A majority of EPL clubs have agreed to a new rule which means that the players selected for each EPL game (including those on the bench) must include a set number of “home-grown” players.

Uefa already requires that clubs must have eight homegrown players in their squads of 25 nominated for the tournament. The Football […]

Exactly how bankrupt is Man IOU?

In legal terms that is a meaningless question – the company is either trading or it runs out of the ability to borrow money and stops paying its bills.

No one has presented a winding up order on the club yet but hardly a week passes without the feeling growing that we are getting ever […]

Fifa objects to Arsenal shareholder involvement

FIFA has sent a formal note to the government of the UK objecting to the proposal for Mr Usmanov, Arsenal shareholder, in sorting out the scandal over MPs expenses.

“What does Usmanov know about corruption,” FIFA gruppenfuhrer Sepp Blatter said last night, “he has never been found guilty of corruption in his […]

Government calls in Arsenal shareholder over expenses crisis

The government has turned to Arsenal FC in an attempt to sort out the current crisis over fraudulent claims for expenses by MPs.

“At the moment I think we are getting away with it,” said Gordon Cameron, speaking from his bunker in Whitehall. “Most people are simply phoning Radio 5 and saying they are shocked, […]