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April 2009

Is it now or is it the future?

There is a comment on this blog which reads thus…

If Arsenal is very business like and is run like a business, then I think it’s time for Arsenal fans to think in business terms. What have we won in the last four years???? Is it okay for a business to have a good boss […]

So what did Man U & Arsenal get for their money

Watching the match between the Bankrupts and Arsenal suddenly led me to think of two very contrasting transfers. On the one hand in the summer of 2007 the arrival of Nani and Anderson to Manchester B for £30 million. On the other the arrival of Nasri to Arsenal for around £12m last summer.

The Nani […]

We’re under attack

It is interesting that there are occasions when it seems to me that the FA and EPL ought to do something (to maintain the balance as it were) and they don’t. For example there are the regular attacks by clubs such as Manchester Bankrupt and the Tiny Totts against refs. We heard a lot of […]

We simply can’t go on like this

You would think that with the team scoring a fair number of goals, winning almost every game, going 20 unbeaten, regularly putting out half a reserve side, being in the semifinal of the Euro Thing, and all with a very young team, people might be ok about that.

You would think that as the records […]

All the reasons why Cesc is guilty as charged

FA Regulations are quite precise in these matters, and sadly Cesc Fabregas is clearly guilty on a number of issues…

Regulation 28 (4) iii

A player who is not playing shall not enter on the field of play after the game is over for at least 30 minutes after the game. For clarity it […]

Pele, Bobby Moore, Perry Groves

I once described Eboue as a clown, and got lambasted like mad for it. What I actually meant to say was that I thought he had a wicked sense of humour like the best clowns – but no one wanted to know about my excuses and I was denounced repeatedly as a racist.

Perry Groves […]

Our magnificent defence, our magnificent youth team

In the last 2 years football has changed in the EPL.

There have always been teams that would try and play for a 0-0 draw, but the last couple of years has seen a huge rise in this tendency. This year in particular we have had team after team after team turn up and from […]

The Red Action flag & where the bloggers go wrong

The Red Flag and why the bloggers are wrong […]

Wenger’s greatest dream still not quite ready

Arsene Wenger’s great dream of producing a reserve team that can regularly beat Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United’s first team is almost ready to be unleashed on the world, but not quite.

Last night we went out with no Almunia, no Gallas, no Djourou, a clearly only half-working Sagna, no Clichy, no Van Persie, no […]

Rangers at the Emirates

I suspect I was taking one of my usual vacations on another planet when the news came through that this year’s Ems Cup will include Inter, PSG and Rangers.

I don’t support any particular Scottish team, and as I am not a Christian, I don’t fall on either side of the sectarian divide, so I […]

MPs and FA hold Arsenal in contempt

There are clubs that owe an uncontrolled unmaintainable fortune, and those that don’t. Arsenal have a debt that declines year by year with the mortgage, the rest have debts so huge they can’t be refinanced and interest can’t be repaid.

And there are Arsenal supporters who think Arsenal should join these manic clubs, should buy […]

5th rate KGB Fulham + bent ref struggle to defeat Arsenal reserves

Despite using a very bent ref, and having the advantage of playing against Arsenal’s reserve defence, and playing on something that quickly became more akin to a ploughed field than a smooth playing surface, KGB Fulham could still only manage a 2-1 win against Arsenal.

It is quite obvious that any club that is a […]

The Wonderful Red Action flag & end of West Ham

I meant to write about this yesterday – I am hoping everyone saw, and approved of, the magnificent Red Action flag celebrating the multinational approach of Arsenal, and its constant stand against the “where were you born?” approach to football.

I knew it was going to be big – but not that big. It is […]

Three reasons to be cheerful

One is obvious – we won and it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Pires was given the regard and respect that he should have – he was a significant part of the success that Henry got, through an overwhelming and perfect understanding between the two (apart from that time they mucked about doing a penalty […]

Tottenham trouble, Arsenal adventure, Liverpool liquidation

Strange days. Ever since I saw the teams for last night’s Reserve game against the Tiny Totts I have been puzzling over the tactics of the Appy Arry cartoon character who seemingly runs the show down the poor end of Seven Sisters.

As I was saying yesterday he knew damn well that Arsenal would put […]

Tiny Totts 2 Arsenal 1, we win

We win because Tottenham put out a team made up of the players that some of the previous managers have bought for £millions – from Bentley to Bale, Eduardo to someone else whose name I have forgotten.

Arsenal put out a team of 17 year olds. Jack Wilshere was out with an ankle injury, Fran […]

‘Ere we go again: Tottenham v Arsenal

Tonight is the Land of Make Believe against the Team of the Future.

Or put it another way, the Even Tinier Totts against Arsenal Reserves. Except that being the Totts they don’t believe in usijng the Reserves for up and coming youth players, largely because they don’t have up and coming youth players. This itself […]

Tiny Totts Tightfisted Transformation Tender Toppled

This story comes from two source (who shall remain nameless). You can believe it or no, although unlike tales of Atlantis, alien invasions covered up by government and the Chinese discovery of America in the 15th century, at least this time you will be able to see if this is right or not. Time will […]

Jocular juvenile jackass journalist jinx Johan Djourou in jolly jailbreak jest

Tricky thing this journalist business but I think I am get the hang of the headline writer’s craft.

Anyway, it was on friday that I noted that both Radio 5 and the Guardian were saying that we had 3 of our back four out when I could only count two. As Ian said in correspondence, […]

Knocking the Arsenal: Weirder than the last one which was the weirdest yet

In my all encompassing survey of ways of knocking the Arsenal employed by journalists and bloggers I thought I had just about done it all, seen it all, and covered all the ways in which people can knock the Arsenal.

But then comes along the Bleacher Report run by Foxy News (a fanatical right wing […]

Knocking the Arsenal: weirdest story ever

This media story is so odd that I have spent half the morning thinking about it, wondering if I am having one of those blank spots, one of those moments where you are sure that grass is pink, and have to be taken outside by the grandchildren to have it proven to you that by […]

Did Lord Wenger plan all this, or did it just happen??

So, was it all planned or did the Almighty Lord Wenger stumble onto this lot by mistake?

The argument has been put in this blog’s correspondence columns that I forget all that happened earlier in the season and anyway I wasn’t at the games – but I really don’t think that is right. I’m sure […]

Knock The Arsenal: New Edition now available!

Knock the Arsenal is a game played by journalists from Wapping Swamp and other locations in which silly made up stories that show Arsenal in a bad light are circulated.

The new version of the show works like this…

First, find the name of any semi-famous player, or failing that make up the name of […]

Did the Lord Wenger really really say that???

There are stories circulating today that the Lord Wenger said after the coin and bottle throwing in Spain yesterday, that UEFA will investigate and make the right decision.

It seems a curious thing to say, and if he did, then for once I shall ask permission (very politely) to disagree with the sainted Lord.

There […]

Something stirs at under 18 level

Given that everyone and his spaniel is chattering away about tonight’s little event in Spain (quite naturally, I’ve already got my Arsenal socks on and I’m just watching it in front of the TV), there’s no point it adding anything else from me.

So, just in case anyone is reading, what about the Under 18s?